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Getting Married in Dominican Republic


Planning a Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic


A veritable mix of old and new, the Dominican Republic offers countless opportunities for romance and makes tying the knot in unspoiled nature or European elegance equally easy. The Dominican Republic's tropical climate provides the surroundings for a wedding to remember. 



About Dominican Republic




Occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean's largest tourist destination. With shores along both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, beach resorts (called balneiros) abound, providing a wide variety of venues (and price options) for your destination wedding. With eight international airports, the Dominican Republic is also easily accessible from most major hub cities, and allows for the opportunity to find competitive flight prices. The variety of levels of service available throughout the_DR_waterfall_Jarabacoa.1.by Caribbean Emotions003.jpg island, make it a smart choice for a bride of any budget.


While the country boasts an average temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the realities of the weather in

 the Dominican Republic is highly dependent upon what part of the country you are visiting. As with most tropical countries, there is little variation in temperature throughout the year, with the primary concern being whether it is the wet or the dry season. 


LosHaitises.2.by Caribbean Emotions.jpg
















In the Dominican Republic, that depends upon what part of the island you are visiting. For the northern coast, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the rainy season occurs between the months of November and January. The rest of the country has a rainy season that runs from May through November. There is also the risk of getting caught in hurricane season, which runs from June until November, with the months of August through October being of the most concern.


Getting Married in Dominican Republic


Costanza Chapel in Dominican Republic

_chapel_Constanza.1.by Caribbean Emotions.jpg


There is a bit of required paperwork to navigate in order to get legally married in the Dominican Republic, but nothing out of the ordinary for an overseas wedding. The required documents should be authenticated by an official at your nearest Dominican Consulate before departing for the Dominican Republic. The documents also need to be translated into Spanish, which can be done at the Consulate or by a legal translator after arriving in the Dominican Republic.







Legal Requirements


Making it official in the Dominican Republic is a breeze and costs just $20. You'll just need to abide by the following:

·         US citizens are required to write to the American Consulate in Santo Domingo requesting permission to marry

·         Two witnesses need to be present (with photo I.D.)

·         Passports for the couple and for any foreign witnesses as well as birth certificates

·         Proof of divorce or death certificate if applicable

·         Parties must be at least 18 years of age

·         Notarized letter from an attorney, legalized by their embassy, stating that each person is single

·         All documents must be translated into Spanish upon arrival.  Please contact the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic (212-768-2480) for specific information.



Fun Things to Do

Hiking, surfing, diving, cycling, and whale watching will keep your guests busy from dawn to dusk, or they can simply choose to luxuriate on the gorgeous shores. The festive capital of Santo Domingo bustles with fine hotels, museums, dining, architecture, nightclubs, and casinos, so your guests can enjoy the finer things 



Top Spots:

Punta Cana



Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Beach in Punta Cana

_DR_beach_PuntaCana.1.by Caribbean Emotions.jpg


Punta Cana is by far the largest and most popular balneiros in the Dominican Republic. There are twelve professional golf courses in Punta Cana alone, some of which are considered among the best in the world, so be sure to bring your clubs and book a tee time if you (or your fiancée) play. A large variety of water sports are available throughout the Dominican Republic, with plenty of opportunities for diving and boating. Kiteboarding and swimming with the dolphins are also popular attractions. Resorts in the area offer a range of amenities from full-service, all inclusive wedding and vacation packages on the resorts to more self-service options, allowing you to create exactly the experience you are looking for.





Dominican Republic Culture


Wilson.Food.2.by Caribbean Emotions3.jpg

There is plenty to do outside the resorts if you want to experience the eclectic culture of the Dominican Republic. The country's multicultural history has created a society with a mix of European, African and native Taino elements, visible in its art and cuisine. The Dominican Republic is also the home of merengue, a form of music and dance with a fast tempo and a syncopated rhythm. You can catch dancers demonstrating the merengue in the streets of Santo Domingo city while local musicians play along. If you want to infuse the feeling of the Dominican Republic into your wedding, hiring a band to play merengue music for part of your reception would put a memorable twist into the standard wedding play list. Incorporating the abundant fresh, tropical fruits into your menu would be another nice touch, with guavas, avocados, and soursops readily available.


With plenty of options for every aspect of your wedding and honeymoon, there is no reason why anyone couldn't design the wedding of their dreams in the Dominican Republic.


Have you been to Dominican Republic?  Tell us about it!!




Pictures by: www.caribbeanemotions.com

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We got married at a beautiful villa in the Dominican Republic on the North Coast - Villa Flor de Cabrera. It was great and we had a merengue band for our rehearsal dinner and booked a DJ for the wedding. The DR was beautiful, weather was wonderful, beach was beautiful, villa was exceptional...what can I say? I'd love to go back!


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