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Destination Weddings At Condo Hotels Make You Dream Big And Save Big

Mexico Weddings

A growing trend of destination weddings is offering lower costs, gorgeous settings, and such options as condos for the whole family instead of traditional hotel rooms.


“Cost is a major factor why a couple will choose a destination instead of a wedding in their area,” says Richard Markel, President of AFWPI (Association for Wedding Professional International). The group that is attending a destination wedding will be smaller, and because “the bride and groom are not responsible to cover hotel nights, only those that really want to go will attend,” he explains.

Another way to save is to choose a destination that is closer to home. The gorgeous white sand shores of the Mexican Caribbean are just a few hours away from the north-eastern US, and about an hour away from south Florida. Many airlines have direct flights to Cancun from multiple US cities, such as JetBlue, American Airlines, US Airways. During low season, it’s possible to snatch up roundtrip tickets for about $300.


When it comes to choosing the venue, an upcoming trend in destination weddings are condo hotels, as they offer luxury apartments with kitchens and multiple bedrooms, ideal for families, for the price of one room at a regular hotel. “Where condo hotels really shine is the ability to have the family attend, and they can save with the kitchenettes,” says Richard.


New York Daily News, in a recent article about condo hotels and savings for families, interviewed a family of a Manhattan architect, 40-year old Alexander Argento, who has stayed at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, a group of luxury condominiums in the heart of the town and right by the beach, with his wife and 6-year-old son. Alexander says: “for about $300 a night, we had two bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a full kitchen, so we prepared our own breakfasts and lunches on most days and saved money on meals,” he said. They also stocked up on drinks and snacks from a nearby Walmart, says Alexander in the article entitled, “Condo Hotels: a Great Way to Have Family Vacation Fun on the Cheap.”


When your hotel is situated in town, and surrounded by multiple choices for shopping, eating and entertainment, this also helps cut down on taxi fare to and from a resort, and keeps the guests entertained, as well as free to come and go as they please. The developer of the properties, Jack Perlman, takes pride in the fact that a wedding party at his hotel can enjoy being “in the middle of it all.” He says: “Guests at my hotels are not confined by the limits of a resort, as it often happens with wedding groups that choose to stay at all-inclusive resorts, tucked away in the jungle.”





After all, when guests take care of their own accommodations and airfare, the biggest expense for the couple is the wedding reception and dinner itself. Indigo Beach Club, located at El Taj Oceanfront, one of the Condo Hotels, offers multiple dinner and reception options for guests. Sit-down dinner rates start at $36 per person and include a 3-course gourmet meal: (www.condohotelsplayadelcarmen.com/weddings/wedding-package-ceremony.php).


Rates at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen start at $185 per one bedroom unit. Wedding groups receive a 20% discount.


To learn more about weddings at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, please visit www.condohotelsplayadelcarmen.com/weddings/index.php or email reservations@condhotelsplayadelcarmen.com.




Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen consists of five distinct luxury condominiums with 100 units total: Villas Sacbe, Porto Playa, Maya Villa, El Taj Beachside and El Taj Oceanfront. The properties provide the services ofa 5-star hotel, such as 24-hour front desk, maid services, airport pick-up, parking garage, gym, babysitter, Spa, health café, beach club and two 5-star restaurants. Each condominium is surrounded by a private courtyard with landscaped gardens, a fountain and a swimming pool. Playa del Carmen beach is steps away, and the convenience of the best restaurants, nightlife and shopping is within easy walking distance.


For more information, please visit www.condohotelsplayadelcarmen.com.


For media inquiries and for high & low resolution images, please contact:

Raminta Tsopelas



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