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Combat Soaring Wedding Costs with Smart Shopping and Common Sense




Although the wedding day may be the stuff of many a girl’s dreams, the costs can be a veritable nightmare for many hopeful couples.


Wedding Inflation


Bride to Be magazine reported the cost of the average 2010 cost of an Australian wedding at $29,966. One short year later, that average cost had soared to $48,296, a whopping 61.17 percentage change. Bride to Be magazine’s 2012 survey confirms the trend continues, reporting the average wedding cost has risen to $54,294. This represents a year-over-year percentage change of a staggering 12.42 percent!


These statistics show the average wedding cost has nearly doubled in only 3 years!


This is nothing less than a wake-up call to couples contemplating their wedding. Rising costs may define delaying the nuptials as the single most expensive mistake a couple can make in planning their wedding. Tying the knot isn’t getting any less expensive. If you are going to marry, then the sooner—the cheaper!


Consider the Source


Fanciers of Bride to Be magazine are a subset of the overall population and may be keener on upscale weddings than the population as a whole. That said, there is no denying the fact that weddings are becoming more expensive.


Let the Smart Shopping Commence


Wedding bands - Before searching for the wedding bands, give some consideration to the metals which are available. Platinum and gold bands would necessarily be the most expensive, but if you explore other metals, you may find that a band made from palladium, titanium or tungsten can be less costly, but equally beautiful. Choosing tungsten bands, for example, could save you several thousand dollars with no sacrifice of style or beauty. The same can be said for titanium. And there is always the conversational value!


Coupons - A wedding is a significant event in anyone’s life, but this is no excuse for abandoning practicality and frugality. Many items that will be a component of your wedding’s shopping list will have coupons available. Check newspapers, flyers, direct mailings and Internet websites like CouponsHQ for discounts on your Vegemite and other necessities, like flowers, and make-up, to … well, everything!


Put emotions aside - Of course it is a special day. Every couple wants a memorable wedding but don’t be foolish and believe that expensive equates with unforgettable. How many times will you wear your wedding gown? Does it really make sense to sacrifice a huge sum on an article of clothing you will wear but once? In many countries and cultures, wedding gowns are rented, not purchased. Try considering what you and your spouse might be able to do with the money you could save by choosing a modestly priced or rented wedding gown.


Other ways to save - Every family has a would-be photographer or videographer in its ranks. How much might be saved by flattering this family member or friend with a request to handle recording your wedding day? Some couples have bought disposables cameras for every table and simply use what develops for their wedding album. Not a bad idea! Here are some additional tips:


  • Experts say that roughly half the wedding costs are incurred at the reception. If you can set a date for your wedding that is off season, you can save a chunk of your overall wedding costs. Make that chunk bigger by avoiding the most costly time slot … Saturday, 7 PM.
  • Try to limit your guest list as much as possible. Since caterers and restaurants calculate your expenses based on headcount, shrinking a few heads will shrink your bill as well.
  • Don’t be timid about breaks from tradition. Consider a wedding buffet, brunch or luncheon and leave that expensive wedding dinner to the spendthrifts.
  • BYOB … Yes, buy your own liquor, beer, wine and champagne … save a bundle!
  • Plan your wedding date around holidays in which flowers are in demand. That would include Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day for sure. Your flowers will cost you much more if you have to buy when demand is high and avoiding these dates is an easy way to save.
  • Desserts are almost always a waste of money. Wedding cake is cake and cake is a dessert.
  • Do you really need a live band? Hire a DJ and save.


Not to be morbid, but weddings and funerals have a lot in common when it comes to the reasons behind the exorbitant expenses that can be incurred. Both events are emotionally charged and, as a result, reason takes a holiday and emotion rules.


The key to a successful wedding at reasonable expense is to bring these emotions into balance, be a smart shopper, and embrace the unconventional. Some common sense goes a long way and let’s face the fact; common sense is not so common; a $54,000 wedding—indeed!

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