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LasCaletas' Blog > 8 Creative Ways To Seat Your Wedding Guests

Posted 20 December 2016

You’ve figured out who you want to sit by whom, now it’s time to get creative and make it your own. Here are 8 creative ideas to customize your seat assignments!
Personalized Notes
As an alternative to traditional escort cards on a table, create a board and pin the cards horizontally. Use a mix of colors and designs that match your wedding theme. A...

LasCaletas' Blog > Hot Topic: What To Give Your Bridesmaids

Posted 22 October 2016

Did you know that in Roman history, the bridesmaids dressed alike and formed a bridal troop to march alongside the bride to the groom’s village?! They protected the bride and intervened if anyone tried to bother the bride or steal her dowry. Times have changed a bit since early Roman history, but your bridesmaids will still surround you and protect you (f...

LasCaletas' Blog > Planning A Multi-Cultural Wedding Celebration

Posted 10 October 2016

Weddings are full of touching and heartfelt times to share with the one you love as well as friends and family. They are especially moving when they involve different cultures and backgrounds. Here are some of the suggestions we have for planning a multi-cultural wedding full of inspirational traditions that will bring together cultures, backgrounds and r...

LasCaletas' Blog > 4 Steps To The Perfect Ceremony Processional

Posted 23 September 2016

4 Steps to the Perfect Ceremony Processional

How will you line up your ceremony processional? We’ve created a key for you…

#1: List the Participants
First, make a detailed list of participants to include. Make sure the people you both feel closest with, are included. Keep in mind: do not over-do it! The idea is to keep the list within the bri...

LasCaletas' Blog > Food And Drinks You Must Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

Posted 09 September 2016

As wedding coordinators we know that every bride wants to look beautiful and spectacular in her wedding day!! An amazing skin, implacable body and hair!! Well, here you have some recommendations to make this happen.

1.- Salt: Get away from the salty food, salt is the best ally of fluid retention and this will cause swelling and heaviness all day!!!...