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Add Seats For Photographers?

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Hi! I'm getting married 1/21/17 at Azul Sensatori Resort in Mexico! I'm working on seating arrangements now and I know we're doing a buffet for food but I'm wondering, do I include my photographers in the seating as well??? I was planning on adding them to the buffet cause the vendor meals are lame and it seems silly for them to eat a sandwich and chips when there is a buffet full of yummy hot food that would be easier for them to get. Thoughts? What is everyone else doing? Thank you so much! :) 

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Dear @@sarahjayne07

It is very nice of you to upgrade their meal, but it is rare to have the photographers sharing the table with the rest of the guest so you could reach your hotel coordinator to ask if there is any space where your photographers could enjoy their dinner (there must be a space they can use).


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Good luck with your wedding!


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Hi @@sarahjayne07


It´s really sweet that a Bride to be is taking care of every single detail, even feeding the photographers. But don´t worry to sit us with your guests, we always find a place to eat quickly and continue with our job. But that´s a really good gesture of you.

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