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El Velo Photography Is The Best Photographer In Costa Rica!

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we finally got the video. not at all satisfied with it. to be fair, it is what is stated in the contract. basically an almost-30 minute long video with everything about the wedding, including what seemed like the entire length of the ceremony. 


anyways, this was not what i had in mind. i wanted the video to be more of what they had in their vimeo page. those videos were the reason we went with them in the first place. a highlight video that's less than 5 minutes long. apparently, that's a different kind (and an extra charge). I emailed them and they said they will provide a highlight video free of charge and they were supposed to work on last week, but as of today, it's also still not ready. 


definitely soured my mood and my overall feeling towards this company. but it is what it is. hoping other brides will have better luck. 

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Photos came out great and if that was all they had done for me I probably would have given them 4 starts. But El Velo also shot our wedding on Video which was terrible the shooting was unprofessional, and the worst job I had ever seen. We spent so much money and no video to show how beautiful our wedding was. For example the angle where the video is taken from was terrible, the video shows the wedding planner preparing guests to walk down the isle, there was NO video of people actually walking down the isle at all. I cannot believe these people call themselves professionals. I would never recommend them to anyone STAY AWAY !!!! the editing of the wedding clip was ok I understand that you can only work with the footage that you have, the shooting is what ruined the whole thing. We do not have video of the flower girl walking, no video of our groomsmen/ Bridesmaids  walking and to top it al off there is  no video OF THE BRIDE ACTUALLY WALKING DOWN THE ISLE are you guys f****king kidding me. Normally I wouldn't even bother wasting my time writing this review but i don't want anyone else to make the mistake of hiring these people. Thank you El velo for ruining the VIDEO portion of our wedding.  EPIC FAIL 

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