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We are approaching the 50 day mark for our wedding countdown and we just heard for Ariadna who sent us this:


I will be so glad to help you in all your questions and planning this big day!!
PLease find below some important information that you need to know and also help you to start with this..
  1. Guest List
We will need a final list with your guest's full names, arrival dates and Hotel booked.
Please fill the attached document "guest list" and send it back;
if you dot have a guest list yet, send me an approx number of guests and when this list is ready send it to me. Consider that at least 80% of your guests should be staying at the Hotel.
If someone of your guests are not staying in RIU Palace Riviera Maya, they will need wedding passes at extra charge.

3. Cocktail Hour

We could arrange a semiprivate cocktail hour after the ceremony for you,
while you are waiting for the dinner. This could be in La Habana Bar or Lyrico Bar, let me know if you are interested.
You also have the option to add appetizers for extra charge in this cocktail hour. Let me know.

4. Wedding Dinner:
Remember that the dinner included in your package is asemiprivate dinner
that means we would open the restaurant for all the guests and just have special tables for you and your party.
You receive regular menu and drinks : soft drinks, beer, wine and water.
Which restaurant would you prefer ?
- Bota Fogo at 6:30pm or 8:30pm or Chillis at 6:30pm or 8:30pm?
Please bare in mind that groups over 30 people for dinner will be accommodated during the 2nd seating 8:30 PM

- Chillis, is an open air restaurant, close to the beach area, tropical
and informal. (I have attached the menu for your consideration)

- Bota Fogo, has A/C, it's formal, Brazilian Rodizo style with a
classic atmosphere. (I have attached the menu for your consideration)

Please check with your wedding coordinator if your choice is available.
**If you want to have a private dinner ($) please ask to your wedding coordinator about your options**

5 . Cake & Main Toast & Set up

Consider that cake, main toast and set up are covered for the amount of people included in your package.
If you have more than this, extra charges will be applied. 22 usd per extra people (this price also include set up for ceremony and set up for dinner)

Please let me know cake flavor and filling you would like. and where would you like to serve the cake, COCKTAIL OR DINNER?
These are the options:

- Flavor: Chocolate or Vanilla
- Filling: Vanilla, Chocolate, Peach or Strawberry
-Icing: White / chocolate

where would you like to serve the main toast, CEREMONY, COCKTAIL OR DINNER?

About Set up please note that the decoration included in CLASSIC and FREE packages consists of 1 Fresh Flower arrangements/ Center Piece.
ROYAL package consist of 2
Fresh Flower arrangements/ Center Pieces and CAPRICE same 2 Fresh Flower arrangements/ Center Pieces but bigger.
If you wish to upgrade your decoration we have plenty of options for you that are available at an additional cost (prices ATTACHED) .

On regards the ceremony, it will take like 15 or 20 min. I need you to advise me if you will need chairs for all your guests or may be you will have some bridesmaids/groomsmen who might stand up.

Be informed that the chairs for the ceremony are set without any other decoration, the new chair we are using now for all of our weddings (no matter what location) it is the one as in the picture "nuevas sillas". If you would like to get some ribbons in any color that matches with the rest of your decoration, please advise me. Each ribbon has a fee of 4 USD. See pictures attached. Please consider that the number of chairs included depends on your package.

I have attached you the bouquets we handle for bouquets included into the wedding packages. The flowers we offer are roses, lilies, gerberas, acapulcos. In case you would like some other design of bouquet, I can send you more examples with the respective price or send me a picture so I can send it over the florist for quoting.Please see pictures attached.

6. Music:
We can play our CD`s with music that we handle for ceremonies (please find enclosed the list of songs). However, if you will be bringing your own music (CD OR IPOD) , I will need the song list and the order they should be played, it means which for the entrance, while saying vows/signature(if required) and the ending.

7. Photography Packages are not included in our services, however you can contact our recommended Professional Photographers from ADVENTURE PHOTOS, they will assist you to choose the best package for you, if you wish to contact them prior to your arrival at the following email: pgachevski@vallarta-adventures.com
Please fill free to contact them any time.

8. SPA Services
We have three SPA's in Playa del Carmen: one at the RIU Palace Mexico,
one at the RIU Yucatan and one at the RIU Palace Riviera Maya.
For information on services or to book your services in advance,
please contact Ms. Paula Casas at
paula.casas@renovaspa.com or info.mexico@renovaspa.com
I hope this is helpful for you and in case you may need further iformation please do not hesitate in contact me again

Ariadna Orea

We have 38 people booked and we're running in to this dilimmea on where to have the dinner and wether or not to go with the included semi-private or do a private dinner/reception on the beach.  We really want a DJ for music, dancing and craziness.  SO is the beach option our best option (at $65/person) or is there another option...heelllpppp!!!  I guess we're no in that bad of shape considering we have everything else picked out.



Also here is the price list for the "extras" for 2013 I see some people have been inquiring about:




Saxofonistn 300 usd

Harpist 400 usd

Mariachi Band (5 elements) 640 usd

Trio 550 usd

Violinist 400 usd

Water Drums (7 elements) 1,200 usd

Fire show (4 elements) 650 usd



Wedding pass Adults over 12 years ( to Clasic & Club Hotels ) 55 usd

Wedding pass from 4 to 12 years old ( to Clasic & Club Hoteles) 25 usd

Wedding pass Adults ( to Riu Palace ) 65 usd

Wedding Pass from 4 to 12 years old ( to Plalace) 35 usd

Wedding Day Pass for Adults stayin in Clasic & Club Hotels to Palace 45 usd

Wedding Day Pass for kids from 4 to 12 years staying in Clasic & Club Hotels to Palace 20 usd

Extra guest for weddings 22 usd

Private Dinner per person per sitting (according to the number of guests) 22 usd

Day Pass Palace for Adults 100 usd

Day Pass Palace Kids form 4 to 12 years old 50 usd

Day Pass Clasic & Club Adults 80 usd

Day Pass Clasic & Club from 4 to 12 years old 40 usd


FLOWERS Unit price

Bridesmaid bouquet 36 usd

Rose Boutonniere 8 usd

Wrist Corsage brazalet 8 usd

Single Flowers with ribbon 8 usd

Extra flower arrangement for the gazebo 45 usd

Petal Bag 10 usd

Center piece 36 usd

Flower for the hair (Rose or Lilie) 5 usd

Flower for the hair (Orquide) 20 usd

Flower basket (including petals) 20 usd

Juppa with flowers and fabrics 700 usd

Cake Topper 10 usd

Small Bouquet for each chair 15 usd

Single Orchid in bouquet (each) 10 usd

One rod of orchid 12 usd



Room Deliveries 2.50 usd per room

Screen, projector, small audio system, tecnical asistance, 50 people max 400 usd

DJ & Sound System & Lightin Decor 50 people max 1,250 usd

Prices are subject to change without further notice

Valid from January 1st 2013 until December 31st 2013

Ask for more ideas…..

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