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Courtney Hooker

Cancun Palace/ Hard Rock Cancun 2012 Brides

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Hi Ladies,


I realize that there are not a lot of Cancun Palace/Hard Rock Cancun 2012 Brides unified under one thread. There are few of us so I think it would be great to stick together and share our experiences, as many things have happened over the past couple months with the resort and its rebranding.


Personally, I have found the Miami coordination stressful, frustrating and unprofessional. It has been a horrible experience so far. However, I have heard that it all comes together when you get there, but at what cost? For me to lose my mind before it? Lol.


I have heard mixed things about the rennovations. A couple things I do know for sure are the following:


1) The Breeze Terrace is now obsolete. You can no longer book the Breeze Terrace! According to the new wedding planner (Janessa Lopez), you can't book the Breeze Terrace because they are ripping it apart and expanding the balconies on the third floor. They are also taking down The Steak Restaraunt (which is also on the third floor), so if you have reservations/plans to have reservations, don't make them! 


2) Maggie is no longer working at the Palace Resorts. My intuition tells me she's been fired. She was completely disorganized, unresponsive, and made things up on a whim. It had to have gotten to the point where they couldn't tolerate the complaints anymore.


3) As of today (June 26), construction is pretty bad. I hear of guests complaining of construction non-stop as early as 9AM. Still no word on what areas are worse than others, but as soon as I know, I will fill you all in. The current wedding coordinator who replaced Maggie (Janessa) was there this past weekend. She has been very responsive to my emails and can fill you in on what the place looks like.


4) Some little reminders:

--For ceremony, bring a CD! No iPods are allowed

--Steaming your dress at the Cancun Palace/Hard Rock is $79

--I hear it is really impossible to use your resort credits to book room upgrades (they are always conveniently "overbooked")

-- There will most likely be multiple weddings they day of your wedding (there are 3 the day of mine) and they give priority of locations to who has the biggest wedding party. I heard this from Maggie so who knows how accurate this is.


This is all the info I have for now. Let me know if you have any questions and let's try to keep everyone in the loop!




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