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ROR - average cost for guests with Flight from Canada??

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We had 40 guests....and because so many of them booked junior suites we got every 11th free.....if it was standard room it would have been every 16th......but either way-we left from NS, and we paid 1800 tax in....we booked and locked in prices March 2009---went down May 2010......we took the free trips and paid for the jacuzzi king suite upgrade...in the end, applying the discount didnt make that much mroe of a diff, if they were willing to pay 1700--then chances are they would still be willing to pay 1800...and after allt he work we put into organizing that group-we deserved it....I think I was the travel agent, everyone emailed me, called me,.....very seldom didn anything go directly to the agent.......so yes, damn straight we took the discount, afterall.....they wouldnt be getting to go to this awesome resort on this awesome group vacation if it wasnt for you guys! lol...


No one asked us about discounts either, every now and then something would come up and Id just say sunquest gives the group leaders/bride and groom a discount....no one ever asked more.

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