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Aventura Spa Palace...Hair Salon?

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Originally Posted by Tinkatude View Post
Hello Jackie,

Just got married there Saturday the 20th... I had my hair done at the salon...
hmm what can I say..I had picture with me too..and I do speak some spanish...but the women kept telling me.. let me do let me do while I was telling her how I wanted my hair..in end it came out really pretty... and I can send you a pic if you like..but I had like 70 hair pins in my head...and by the end of the night...the hairdo still held up... but what a bleeping bleep to get all that hairspray and pins out and they tease it too ugh what a mess!! Also, my pic was going for the softer curls updo..and its not really what she did at first it looked like I had ribbons on my head..and as I was sitting in the chair I wrote to my WC on my blackberry and basically told her to get her tail over to the salon... by the time she got there...the hairdresser wa
s practically done...if you do get your hair done there...I would recommend the OTHER hairdresser..her name was Hugolina... and she did my bridesmaid dress...and it came out really pretty with softer curls... let me know if you need any more help...hope this helped you..

Hi Kim,
May I please see your picture too. Here is my email. Onlymilkey@yahoo.com

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