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Bride going to Nuevo Vallarta

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Originally Posted by wendy View Post
Wow...THANKS so much for taking the time to share that advice, Jamie! Luck of the draw on your timing, eh?!
I'm a bit nervous sending our original birth certificates...but I guess that's the only way.

If I may impose on your advice once again - did you have any difficulty getting the wedding date you preferred? May I ask which resort you picked? (your profile shows Jamaica...please forgive me if I'm out-to-lunch on something, as I'm a newbie)

Thanks so much for sharing - it really helps!
Glad to be of help! Unfortunately, in mexico you have to be there for 3 business days before getting married. We arrive on Saturday, Dec 6 and I wanted my numbers to be 08/12/08.... but everything was booked until the 11th. We had no problem with time of day though. We initially were booked for 5pm so we had the sunset but then when rethinking the time due to our pictures would be in the dark!!! lol but now we are at 2pm. We are getting married at the Riu Vallarta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.


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