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Realistic Punta Cana Budget

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Originally Posted by kemiandhecareth View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this thread (but not the forum), because my FI and I just recently started shifting towards having our DW in the DR, instead of Mexico. We too are trying to keep our budget to $7000-8000. We really don't want to go too much higher than that. I am glad to hear that you think it is feasible.

One other issue I am considering is the cost for our guests. They would be paying their own way, but I was wondering if it extremely expensive at the Paradisius Palma Real Punta Cana and the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana. So far, I think the lowest price they have is a little over $900/night. Is this how much it worked out to for your guests? I'm a bit troubled by this, because not everyone we're inviting is rolling in dough.

Well, any extra input you all could share with me would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy planning to all!

~ Kemi
Hi Kemi. I'm getting married at the Palma Real. It is on the expensive side for our guests. I'm staying 9 nights and it worked out to be $2452.40pp including airfare. For our guests going for 7 nights, it's costing them roughly $2130pp including airfare. We are flying out of Philly. the airfare was around $650pp. Our reception for 29 people is going to be about $8000. They charge you for every little thing. If you want me to email you the reception choices with costs and other wedding stuff just PM me your email and i'll forward it to you. The taxes and gratuities are 26% which is included in my $8000.

I spent about $30 per OOT bag, but i one a college football pool last year so i used some of the money i won to do the OOT bags. It worked out good since fi was complaining about me spending money on the bags so i just said "I won this money and i'm using this much on the bags so there" and that was it. You could definately do really nice oot bags a lot cheaper. You could buy nice paper gift bags and glue your logo on the front of it and fill it with stuff from Oriental trading and bags of snacks and your guests would love it. Of course you don't have to do oot bags. No one will be expecting them. Oh and i did one per couple not one person, it they were single they got their own bag.

Dont forget to budget things like attendant gifts, if you can get away with not having them that would solve that issue. Your wedding attire. That stuff really adds up.

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take all of what you want into consideration and also what really doesn't matter to you and work from there. do you have a travel agent? very helpful, very informative.

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