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"This was the best wedding I've ever been to!"
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Good value, an unforgettable experience, perfect setting, excellent staff.
Cons: I honestly cannot think of any negatives.
I've been thinking on how to go about writing this review and have come to the realization that there are no words I can use to express how amazing our wedding was at Las Caletas.
Our planner was Blanca.  I must say, even though I only shared a few words with her, she is a master of her craft.
A wedding can, actually let's face it,  IS a very stressfull event.  It is one of the biggest and most memorable moments we will experience in our lives.
This review is from the viewpoint of the groom...
My wife headed to Las Celetas in the morning with the rest of the girls.  While the girls where at the beach, I was to meet at Vallarta Adventures at 4pm to bring the rest of our guests via boat to the venue.  Boarding the boat was smooth and easy.  The 45 min ride to the beach was a great time to socialize and take in my last hour as a single man.
As we approached the dock at Las Caletas, things started to get really real.  I was asked to get off the boat first with the people most close to me.  My choice was easy.  My 8 year old daughter.  Las Caletas is a true paradise and to walk the 4 to 5 minute walk to the ceremony in this kind of setting with my beautiful daughter by my side was so surreal.  I was in awe by the beauty of the area, but really nervous at the same time.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  When we got close to the where the wedding took place, I was met by Blanca.  Her genuine demeanor put me at peace.  I knew instantly that we were in good hands. We headed up to a beautiful building where I was offered a drink which I accepted graciously to help calm my nerves before the ceremony.
The setting for the ceremony was amazing.  When I heard the song my wife chose to walk down the aisle to, my heart started to race.  The stairs coming down to the beach looked like they were straight out of a fairytale and when she came into my vision, she looked like a real life princess.  The ceremony proceeded without a hitch, and just like that, I was a happily married man!
Next was the dinner.  One of the most critical parts of a wedding is always the food.  We were invited to eat first and the chef personally explained what each dish was as we filled our plates.  It's not easy to please 60 people's pallets, but Vallarta Adventures delivered.  5 stars all the way.
The DJ was quite skilled as well.  We had made an assumption that not too many people would want to be dancing, but the floor was packed from start to finish.  He was a true professional.
If you want your guests to experience "The best wedding they have ever been to", (I put this in quotations because all 57 of our guests said this to us) I suggest you book your Las Caletas Wedding ASAP!


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