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Perfect Day!!!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By Dspence2, · 703 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy planning, great food, gorgeous setting, attentive staff
Cons: HOT (that's what we get for getting married in June in Mexico!)

We got married at Las Caletas June 25, 2018. Today, we received our photo proofs and got to re-live the entire experience! Our wedding was everything we imagined and more. Every detail was carefully executed like our wedding was the only one they were planning/hosting. The planning process was done completely via email and filling out every detail in a word document full of questions. It sounds crazy but my one bit of advice is to RELAX and TRUST THE PROCESS. It works! They know what they are doing, specifically Blanca in our case. We were prepared to have a few details here or there missed and knew it wouldn't be a big deal to us but NOTHING was missed. On the wedding day, the entire staff ran the event very well despite being thrown off with some rain. They were sure to keep us informed of every option (change in venue if continued rain, moved buffet and cake cutting under roof, etc.) without us feeling like they were bothering us or constantly asking us questions. Every staff member was incredibly nice, welcoming, and hardworking. The butler, florist, concierge, planner, servers, bartenders, chef, DJ, boat staff, etc. were all very professional and excellent hosts. The food was excellent. Our guests who were all staying with us at an all-inclusive resort (Hilton) in PV said our wedding meal was the best meal they ate all week. We danced the night away in a light rain and had a blast!! It was a VERY hot day so no one minded a little rain. PLUS the staff brought out ice cold towels during the dancing for our guests to cool off. I mean EVERY detail was so nice and much appreciated! We didn't have to worry about a single thing all day - besides sweating through our suits! The fire dancers were very cool BUT if you are trying to save money, you could probably do without in my opinion. I would have had just as much fun with 2-3 more dancing songs instead to be completely honest. I would also recommend only a small ceremonial cake as the meal includes several desserts. We had enough cake for about half our guests and still had an entire tier leftover - they sent us home with the leftovers and the resort kept it in the refrigerator for us! All in all, best wedding I have ever been to (obviously) but many of our guests said the same thing. Truly a special experience!


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