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Pros: Location, Staff, Organization
Cons: Leaving

I got married on April 14th 2018 at Las Caletas and had 80 guests attending, including some kids.  Before deciding on Las Caletas, I was a little nervous about 1)Never had visited Puerto Vallarta before, 2) Planning a wedding remotely and 3) If the venue would live up to the expectations based on all the hype I saw online. I want to say that I never write reviews but my experience was so amazing that I can't let this go. This is going to be a long one so bear with me.

-Planning and Communication: We made the reservation for the wedding about 18 months in advance. Everyone we spoke at Adventure Weddings prior and during the process of making the reservation was extremely helpful answering all sorts of questions, providing us a clear timeline and set of steps for the overall experience. Once the reservation was done we got assigned Blanca as our wedding planner and they sent a picture and little bio about her. That was great because it totally made us feel like we were talking to a human and made us feel a little bit more connected. About a year or so before the weeding, she left the company and we got assigned a new wedding planner, Cynthia. She also left the company 2 months before our wedding and we got assigned to Janette . I'll talk about this in the "wedding planner"  section. The transition from Cynthia to Janette was very stressful to the point where we almost considered changing our venues last minute due to the poor communication we were having with Cynthia. This is why I took out a star in the communications rating and no more because the communication before and after was great. I really like that there is a clear timeline to the planning process that is explained since the beginning and each phase is meant to be approached at a timely matter to minimize any stress on the couple. Adventure Weddings also did a really good job at finding a point of contact they could reach out to for the day of the event that wasn't the couple to help gather guests so no one would miss the boat, again to minimize any stress on the couple. Jannette met us at our hotel a couple days before the wedding and did a really good job at explaining the sequence of events for the day of the event to avoid surprises and to not feel "lost" at our own event. 

-Wedding Planner: Like I mentioned before we had 3 wedding planners. I can't say much about Blanca because we didn't interact much. I'm not going to focus on Cynthia because  I was not pleased with her but she's not with the company anymore. However, Janette is AMAZING. I can't say enough good things about her and I kind of want to create a fan page for her. She took over our event with a little less than two months with almost not planning done beforehand, while she was moving to Puerto Vallarta and taking over a new job. I mention this because if she can put together the event we had while going through that, this is the wedding planner you want on your side. JANETTE IS A ROCKSTAR, we were getting multiple emails from her every day, sometimes at 2am her time because she was so dedicated to make the wedding perfect. Once we started working with her, our worries went away. If you are thinking about getting married at Las Caletas, ask for her, you will not regret it. She will go above and beyond to make your wedding the happiest day of your life, like she did for us. I think she might have been more nervous than us on our wedding day. I'll develop more on this under "Early Girls".

-Officiant and Ceremony: Our officiant was Nadia Gaitan and she was great at accommodating a bilingual wedding since we had a mix of spanish and english speakers at our wedding. She worked with us tailoring a ceremony that felt personal and not cookie cutter. I'll have to be honest though, I don't really remember the ceremony because I was over the moon looking and smiling at my bride. A lot of people were crying though and they said the ceremony was very nice, so shout out to Nadia! I liked that the ceremony was short and sweet because even though the weather was amazing, you do start to sweat being under the sun for a while.

-Decoration and flowers: I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but this was a lesbian wedding, that meant two brides with two bouquets. My wife is more of your typical girl that wants to be a princess on her wedding day so she really cared about flowers and me on the other hand I literally picked the first picture of bouquet I found online that had my wedding colors. I had to say that because I LOVED my bouquet. The level detail they put on the bouquets and flower arrangements is the best. You can google pictures of Las Caletas wedding and I guarantee you what you see is literally what you get. Those are not staged pictures for promotional material, that is the work that they do every day and it's beautiful. Every detail felt so elegant yet cozy and personal. It might have been the for the feel we were going for: a mix of boho chic and traditional. Our wedding planner asked very specific questions and asked us to follow up with inspiration pictures so we would be on the same page, which was great for trying to plan this remotely. The location in itself is beautiful so too many decorations would be too much, I think they recognize this because the put the right amount of flare to make the natural scenery pop but like I said the quality of their work is the best. 

-Early Girls: Wedding Adventures offer the bride and bridesmaids to spend the morning and early afternoon of the weeding at Las Caletas to relax and get ready. We both decided to do this with our bridesmaids. BEST DECISION EVER. We didn't have too many expectations, we did it for logistic reasons and were so happy. They provide a little house for you and great the party with a personal butler that is there for you to provide you breakfast, drinks, lunch, more drinks, set up the hot tub in the patio and whatever else you can think of. Our butler was Salvador and he was the best! We were a group of 10 people which I assume is large for what he usually gets and did an excellent job at being there when we needed something and making himself invisible when we didn't. He was very nice and helpful at making our morning very relaxing. Also, you can spend sometime at the beach before lunch which we decided to do. We were doing some light kayaking when they brought out a seal and a sea lion to interact with the people at the beach! Once they realized we were a wedding party, they allowed us to have a photo shoot with them which made the whole experience even better. As the day went by Janette kept stopping by bringing our bouquets, checking on us, updating us about our guests transportation, etc. We felt so relaxed and taken cared of that I even took a nap! This is the  best way to spend the time before a wedding because at that point you know the event is being run by very qualified people and you just need to show up and enjoy it. 

-Food and Drinks: All the food and drinks for the Early Girls was so good. I was expecting some salads and maybe pasta but oh no. We had ribs, some chicken that was delicious, fish tacos, seafood paella and fresh salsas. Everything was so good. The food offered at the wedding was even better. I'm a big foodie and Mexico has good food but the food offered here was not just "good" it was quality food with very balanced flavors. Something that I really liked is that the couple is the first ones to get food and they even save you a plate of the appetizers they serve during the cocktail hour while the couple is taking their individual pictures. I thought that was a very nice detail since I had heard from many people before that they didn't eat during their wedding so I was very happy that was not the case for me. The drinks were flowing all night (open bar) and they were good. Not too strong but not water down either. It was very fun to do tequila shots! Oh and the cake was DELICIOUS. We saved most of it and took it to our honeymoon, I kept eating it for the rest of the week 

-Service: From Janette to Salvador to every single waiter at the event, they were fantastic. We were very pleased by everyone's service and attitude. We were a little worried about the kids (2 babies, one 4 year old and one 7 year old) and how comfortable them and their parents would be since everyone was dependent on the boat schedule. The staff at the wedding made them feel very welcome and accommodated everyone, the waiters were even holding and playing with the babies so the parents could eat without worries. Everyone was amazing and seemed happy to be able to make the event successful. Mexican hospitality is one of the best but this place gets 5 stars on that.

-Photography: The photography team was also great. They were very clear about the whole process and what to expect as well as trying to understand what pictures were important for us. The final product turned out AMAZING, they are very beautiful and professional. There are over 1000 pictures and is very hard to narrow down to the ones we want to keep. 

I could go on and on about that day and the overall experience we had. Many of our guests said our wedding was the best they have ever been to and that we and the place had inspired them to get married or get married again. We were seriously riding a cloud of blissful joy for weeks because of the Adventure Weddings team and the beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  If anyone wants more information about our experience, let me know! Also, don't forget to ask for Janette!

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