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Beloved Wedding and Federico As The Photographer
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Seasons Photo Studio

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Pros: Staff, Ambience, Professionalism, Attention to detail, quaintness of the resort, peaceful.
Cons: Beach didn't seem as clean as other resorts, but still very nice.

Would highly recommend having your wedding at the Beloved Hotel in Cancun. The staff was so courteous, kind, and accommodating.  Selene, whom was our wedding planner was outstanding and took care of every detail to ensure everyone was where they were supposed to be from the wedding to the reception.  Although our ceremony was small, it was a very memorable experience. There was no question they had our best interest at heart, and shared in our joy that day.  We used Federico for our photographer, and he was amazing. We initially got the smaller package, because we were unsure of the quality. Federico immediately erased any doubts with his skill taking shot after shot of those special moments in a ceremony that matter the most. In addition, he took us around the resort and took additional photo's recommending and providing guidance on settings, and poses that truly turned out better than we could have dreamed. We'll. have the memories preserved for a lifetime thanks to Beloved and Federico.  In addition, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Isabel, one of the staff that checked us in was extremely helpful in making sure we knew where everything was and taking time to answer every question or concern we had.  We would definitely go again and planning our 1 year anniversary there.




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