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Even Better Than We Could Have Imagined
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By JessicaB22, · 1,158 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Everything - Beautiful destination, our coordinator, the DJ, photographer, food/drinks, decor, the catamaran ride..
Cons: It had to end

If you are considering having your destination wedding at Las Caletas I HIGHLY recommend it.

It was everything we wanted and more. Cynthia and her entire team know exactly what they are doing and everything exceeded our expectations.


We got married in June 2017 and Cynthia was our coordinator. She was incredibly helpful once the planning process started and she turned our vision into reality.

It was seriously a dream wedding and all of our guests continue to talk about how great of a wedding it was. I can't get over how much fun it was, how timely everything was, and just plain perfect. The bridal suite is beautiful, you and your girls are pampered all day long, the ceremony is one of a kind, and the reception was SO MUCH FUN. 

My bridesmaids and I took the boat over early in the morning and we were greeted at the bridal suite with a delicious breakfast and champagne. Then we went down to the beach and relaxed, paddle boarded, and lounged in hammocks. I left for a little while to write my vows (yes I waited until the day of). I went back to the bridal suite and wrote my vows behind the bridal suite in a hammock, it was perfect. We started getting ready after that, with plenty of room for all 8 of us. 

Our photographer showed up not too long after that and took BEAUTIFUL photos. They turned out amazing and he captured everything I had wanted throughout the day, the ceremony, the reception, and the boat ride back.

The DJ was so much fun and incredibly helpful. When we went over what songs we wanted played throughout the day he helped out a ton when we couldn't decide on something. He definitely knew how to keep the party going during the reception and the boat ride as well.

The food was incredible, people seriously still talk about how good it was, how much food there was, and the amazing dessert table.

Not to mention the waiters, they were ON TOP OF IT. Anything you needed, you got it.

The entire team never missed a beat.

The boat ride back was so incredibly fun and everyone had the best time, it was definitely a party.


The only thing that was discouraging during the last three months before the wedding was the communication. It was hard to get a hold of someone to get my questions answered right away, but once we got in contact with Cynthia, everything was figured out and answered promptly. I can honestly say, rest assured, everything will work out and come together even better than you could have imagined.


Writing this is bringing back so many amazing memories and I wish we could go back right now! It honestly felt like a dream, it was so perfect. I am not trying to be corny but it is hard to not be! haha

Our wedding was so incredibly fun, special, and unique, and I would do it a million times over.

Someone else said this on an earlier review but it is so true, post-wedding blues is a real thing, especially when your wedding is as amazing as ours was. 


Please let me know if you have questions, I am happy to help.


Hi Amanda!


I am booked with adventure weddings and am at the planning stage now, so loved reading all of your positivity.


Would you please be able to elaborate on the lack of communication you encountered?

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I have a wedding booked there in January! Could you elaborate more on the lack of communicatio? I also have Cynthia as my wedding planner and am having little to no communication with her... my wedding is closing in on 2 months away and I have not planned anything yet!


Thanks so much


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