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Completely Perfect Wedding Day
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Everything. Dennise is insanely good at her job, the entire day went off without a single hiccup, the decorations were gorgeous, the food was outstanding, and the entire staff made sure that everyone was well taken care of.
Cons: No cons...just more pros - The DJ is amazing, the boat rides are a ton of fun, the bride and grooms suites are beautiful, and somehow the whole wedding went off perfectly while we felt no stress. A+++

We took a bit of a shot in the dark by planning our wedding at Las Caletas. Sure we had heard a bunch of amazing reviews and pictures online looked amazing, but neither of us had actually visited the location before. We decided to go for it anyway, and were put in contact with Dennise from Adventure Weddings. From the very first interaction through email she was the most professional and knowledgeable person we could have possibly asked for. She took in our ideas and organized them into a large, but very easy to understand document that detailed plans for every aspect of our wedding. We had some normal requests, but also some slightly odd ones that she handled without a blink. Her responses were always timely and full of great suggestions, or examples of what she could do based on the requests we had made.


After all the back and forth through email, it was finally time to travel to Mexico for the wedding! We arrived a few days early, and Dennise arranged a site visit for us to go over all the last minute details. I think this is the point where peak wedding stress was supposed to happen, but this visit did the compete opposite. It was immediately apparent that Dennise was exceptionally good at her job, had everything under control, and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The best example I can give of how detail oriented she was is that we had requested a 'Funfetti' wedding cake as it had some personal family tie-ins. This was not a request they had seen before, and clearly they didn't just want to order a box online, so when we sat down to discuss details a chef came out with SIX different examples of cakes they had make to get as close as possible to the one we requested. She explained how they had taken it on as a challenge, and the end result was 100% perfect. We knew that if they took the time to make six different sample cakes to meet one silly request, everything else was completely covered. Safe to say we spent the rest of our site visit relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Las Caletas.


When the big day finally arrived it went by in a blur. The bride spent all morning with her bridesmaids swimming and getting ready in a remarkably beautiful villa, and the groom with the rest of the guests enjoyed a wonderful catamaran ride with an open bar and a very personalized playlist from DJ Rafael. After arriving on the island, the groom was promptly taken up to a groom's suite for final touches (flowers, pictures, shots of tequila etc) and we were told by all our guests that there was never a moment of uncertainty on where they should be and what they should be doing. There were even welcome margaritas waiting form them before the ceremony!! 


The ceremony itself was stunning. The location obviously helps, but every single detail around the flowers, arch, chairs, etc were even better than we could have expected. Walk-ins ran like clockwork, and DJ Rafael continued doing an amazing job with the timing of all the music from end to end (including cutting into songs at specific sections right after the kiss and very random versions of songs that we wanted for the processional) **Note that we used our own officiant, so I can't speak to the one that is provided, but I will say that Dennise somehow magically got him in place, wired for sound, and everyone else in seats in about 2 minutes while seemingly being two or three other places at the same time.


After the ceremony it was time for Dinner and the big party. Our guest/welcome table was set up beautifully, and the table arrangements were stunning. The food was exceptional (especially the steak!!), and Dennise even walked around and told specific tables when they should get up to eat to avoid a huge mess in the buffet line. Everyone felt so well taken care of, and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Dennise helped ensure the people that wanted to stand up and speak knew when to go, and transitioned seamlessly from speeches to cake-cutting to first dance. There was seriously not a moment of down time or confusion the entire day!


DJ Rafael did an unbelievable job during the reception dance party. I've never danced more in my life, and I don't think there was a moment where the floor wasn't completely full. He took a listing of songs we liked and transformed it into the perfect mix to keep everyone up and having a great time. We laughed and danced and sang so much that we were without voices for three days.


As the dancing wrapped up with our final song, we thought it was all over....but then came the boat ride back. It was a non stop dance-fest all the way back to the marina. The music continued to be amazing, the drinks kept flowing, and the front of the catamaran was full of guests doing their best to dance as the boat rocked in the waves. 


The entire event was completely flawless and guests continue to remind us that it was the most incredible wedding they have attended. We can't possibly thank Dennise and the entire Caletas team for all their hard work, and for their welcoming and caring personalities during our event. For anyone reading this who is on the fence about taking a chance on Caletas....Just do it. We don't have a single regret about out wedding and I'm sure you won't either.




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