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Pros: This box isn't big enough! They are fabulous!
Cons: Nada!

Jasmin and Matt are our photography heroes! Having them (thankfully) agree to be such a big part of our wedding day was not only one of the easiest decisions we made during the planning process, but it proved to be one of things we talk most about! The fact that they took a break from the heat in Mexico to join in our celebration and shoot a fall time Manitoba wedding was so appreciated! The beautiful memories they helped us create speak to their abilities behind the camera and their incredible people skills. Ryan and I are very camera shy, and that’s putting it lightly, but Jasmin and Matt made us feel so at ease while we got ready to walk down the aisle, all from me primping during the day to the boys hamming it up in their tuxedos, and their attention lasted all the way through to the last dance! Looking at our photos, and seeing the amazing teaser shots on Instagram, had us completely speechless with how intimate and personal the images were, it was really like Ryan and I were in our own little world! Their keen attention to detail- adjusting a necklace here, straightening a tie there- and willingness to try some new things while having spot on suggestions to create our magical storybook of images, Jasmin and Matt couldn’t go wrong.


Thank you again for being so responsive to the neurotic bride’s emails, keeping the mood light and fun throughout the day and creating a beautiful story with us that we’ll cherish forever. We can’t wait to share your name with future brides and grooms (it’s kind of the first thing we ask when we find out people are getting married…do you have a photographer yet?!) and hopefully getting the chance to work with you for an upcoming anniversary…maybe this time we’ll come to you in Mexico!


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