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LOVED our FineArt Studio Photography experience - El Dorado Royale
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Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

I am a hobbyist photographer, so my wife put me in charge of selecting a photographer for our wedding on December 4th, 2015, at El Dorardo Royale (yes, I know this review is a bit overdue).  I spent hours and hours viewing website after website and portfolio after portfolio since I am pretty picky when it comes to photographers.  After tons of research, I fell in love with the style of photography that was showcased by FineArt Studio Photography. We wanted an artistic, yet natural-looking, photo-journalistic style of photography, that would be timeless and be something that we could love for years to come.  The "sales" experience was very easy, and Elena was great to work with.  We selected Alvaro as the lead photographer, and were so fortunate to have Diego available as the second photographer on our big day.  With many aspects of a destination wedding, we were a bit nervous about a language barrier, ability to take direction, interactions with guest, etc.  Minutes after meeting Alvaro and Diego, any of those fears were immediately put to rest.  They were very professional and passionate about their art, yet made us extremely comfortable had a lot of fun throughout the entire day.  I don't think that either of these guys had shot a wedding at El Dorado Royale before, but that didn't matter one bit.  They had absolutely no problem coming up with one creative idea after another.  Words cannot explain how happy we were with the pictures we received.  They captured our day, the mood, and the personality of us and our guests perfectly.  The final pictures did take a few weeks to arrive, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Knowing the amount of time and work that should go into color correction, etc., I don't want someone to rush that process, and definitely didn't want someone who offered to deliver the photos the next day.  The colors jump off the paper when they are printed professionally.  They look great when printed at Target, Walgreen's, etc., but they are AMAZING when a professional shop is used.  In summary.. Hire FineArt Studio for your wedding in Mexico.  Everyone that has seen our photos loves them, and you will not be disappointed with the photos or the experience.           


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