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HDC Photo Crew Did An AMAZING JOB!!!
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HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

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By MarriedDaveMen, · 657 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!

Honestly, I don't have enough space to write how much my wife and I really enjoyed working with HDC Photo for our Punta Cana destination wedding in October 2014. Our photographer, Miljan and video guy, Elvis were really nice and fun fellas who knew exactly what they were doing. We always felt taken care of and the way they dealt with our friends and families was first class. Plus, the pictures turned out AMAZINGLY well! I mean UNBELIEVABLY well considering they turned around both the pictures and our video in 2 days before our flight back home. We couldn't be any happier. Our friends and families also adored the pictures. As well, for the amount of photos and video you get, cost-wise it's a great amount of value. If we were to get the same packages back home easily we'd be paying close to $4000-5000 and still waiting for our pictures for a year. But you know what? I'm a firm believer a business is good or bad because of the people at top of it. The owner, Arnaud is a fantastic man who truly values customer service. During our researching stage, every time we e-mailed him a question, he was always quick to respond. Even after we signed on, he was always willing to help. When we finally met Arnaud in person to select what photos we wanted printed, he was very patient as it took us quite some time to make our decisions. Overall, we highly recommend HDC Photo. They deliver a great product on time and at reasonable prices and they actually take care of you!


Arnaud, Miljan and Elvis, take a bow gentleman, you all did an exceptional job! Bravo!


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