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November 17th Wedding Photography at Las Caletas, PV
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By BrittanySp, · 526 Views · 0 Comments

My Husband and I got married November 17th at Las Caletas, Peurto Vallarta. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive hiring a wedding photographer that I hadn't met before and only saw a small portfolio of via email. Cristhell Bernal was our photographer and she was amazing! She met with us the day before our wedding and gave us an overview of what she had planned for the wedding day. She asked if we had any special requests for photos and incorporated any of our suggestions into the day. On the wedding day Cristhell was very organized and she made me feel like a model. She was everywhere! She took photos of my myself, my bridal party and my mom getting ready throughout the day while her assistant took photos of the guests on the boat ride over to Las Caletas. She captured every moment perfectly. Right after the ceremony, the photos were very rushed as we only had an hour from sunset to sundown. The majority of the sunset photos of my husband and I turned out great. However, there were some I did not like as the photographers used a light to try and capture the sunset, but it just ended up looking like we were angels and glowing in the photos. We got a disc of the 600-some photos that were taken for that day. On top of the disc, we got a medium sized canvas of a picture of our choice and adventure wedding photography made us a printed photo-album of our favourite pictures. Cristhell made sure to go over the layout with me before the printing process. When we received the book the wedding date was wrong (Album says November 11th and our actual date was the 17th). I did not complain because this book was so beautiful and I didn't want them to have to work at re-printing it! This book captures all of our memories from the big day and it amazes any person I show it to. Overall we had a great experience and would recommend this company to anybody doing a destination wedding in Mexico :) 



Brittany & Lucas


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