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The wedding of our dreams - Our guests were wowed!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By BrettKayliCarroll, · 691 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Setting/Location, Incredible service from all the staff, Good food/drink, Great entertainment options
Cons: Slight drawback - we had a choppy ride over in the boat that made a couple of people sea sick

I'm so glad there are numerous forums, such as this, where we can shout to the world what an amazing, fun-filled wedding we had at Las Caletas; simply breathtaking.


We don't usually write reviews for hotels, restaurants etc, but we felt compelled to let others know, who might be currently searching for a wedding venue, to look no further - Las Caletas delivered 100% in everything we were looking for when we dreamed up our destination wedding.


For starters, we liked the fact that everything encompassed within our package was a la carte - we weren't paying for anything we didn't want - we dictated every aspect from the flowers to the table arrangements to the entertainment to the color scheme.

We can't recommend our wedding planner, Dennise, highly enough. We had a couple of calls with her leading up to the wedding and exchanged various emails until we finally got the complete picture of how we wanted our wedding to look. We were slightly nervous that we hadn't done enough 'wedding planning' from our end in the lead up to the big day and felt like we should have done more work, we need not have stressed about that - Dennise and her team plan and execute weddings on Las Caletas on a regular basis, they are a very professional team, and had everything taken care of so that our big day ran trouble free.


Prior to the wedding we stayed at the Now Amber resort (which I would also highly recommend for your Las Caletas wedding guests), we noticed a few weddings there during our stay - they didn't compare to what we received at Las Caletas as every hotel wedding party had to walk past the pool area and groups of hotel guests staring at them and shouting/cheering. The best thing about Las Caletas is the absolute privacy, no one around except your wedding party, and the setting - just a stunning private beach, the sea, palm trees and the sky - heaven.


On the wedding day itself we loved the fact that the bridal party could arrive in the morning before the rest of the party and relax/get ready in a private bridal suite. The rest of the day was planned to military precision. Our guests loved the free bar on the boat ride over. The one minor negative (which was beyond the control of Adventure Weddings Las Caletas) was that we had some choppy sea conditions on the boat ride going over to the island (much better on the return) and so a couple of our guests who weren't used to boats felt a little sea sick. Our only recommendation would be for those that do suffer from sea sickness to take some medication before the journey and ladies take a hair brush and make-up with you in case the wind has played havoc with your hair on the ride over.


Saying that, once you arrive on the island it is all worth it - an absolute dream setting that we can't put in to words. We are eagerly awaiting to get our pro photos/video back to to relive the day all over again and share with our friends. It completely lived up to our expectations and more. Every single one of our guests commented on how incredible a wedding it was, 'the best we've been to', and while I know that is a standard response after a lot of weddings it felt like for a number of our guests they truly meant it. It will certainly take some beating at any future wedding we go to.


We would highly recommend the fire dancers, cigar roller and Chinese lanterns as entertainment - our guests loved them. With the DJ; just make sure you are specific in your song choices, he was great, but went a little off track on a couple of occasions, but that is more our fault for not being specific in the songs/genres we wanted.


Overall - 10/10. Keep up the great work Adventure Weddings Las Caletas, we hope to see you in the future on our anniversary!





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