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Jasmin & Matt Photography

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By AnP, · 529 Views · 0 Comments

We're so happy we found Jasmin & Matt for our destination wedding late 2015! The whole experience was absolutely excellent and I can't imagine a better duo to capture our once-in-a-lifetime moments. We're not locals to Playa del Carmen, and have never been to the area and we wanted a fun, but laid-back beach wedding. Their portfolio from past weddings looked so alive, that I could feel the fun and laughs emanating from the photos. I knew this was what I wanted to remember our wedding by, and sure enough, they delivered!


Working with Jasmin from the beginning was such a breeze. She's very responsive and made me feel like photography was the last thing I needed to worry about because she's "got my back". Jasmin & Matt are very flexible, and roll with the punches while taking advantage of the somewhat unpredictable weather. Their ideas for newly creatives were great, and came out natural and breathtaking. They work well together and are fun to be around.


They also took the time to provide great suggestions for local dining and entertainment, which helped us explore the area more effectively. They provided great vendor suggestions that made our wedding planning a success!




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