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Our Perfect Wedding Day
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By lindsaytrieweiler, · 1,058 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful location, All inclusive, wedding planner, private island
Cons: Literally none

I'm going to write this review to be informative as well tell you how absolutely phenomenal this wedding was. It beat every expectation I had and was beyond anything I could have imagined.


My part of the day started with my seven bridesmaids and I, very early in the morning. We met at Nuevo Vallarta Adventure Center and took the boat ride over to Las Caletas. The girls spend the day in Las Caletas enjoying the island and the bridal suite as part of the Las Caletas Beach Hideaway tour.  We were amped and ready to go! Rafael, our DJ, met with us girls in the morning to escort us over. He was absolutely hilarious. He told me he doubled as a body guard and security! The crew members that run the Caletas excursion are HILARIOUS! My husband and I took the excursion over a week before the wedding to do a site inspection, and we thoroughly enjoyed the same crew then. When you go to the bridal suite you take everything you need getting ready; so we each had small bags of all our make up and supplies for the day, and we had our dresses in bags - they suggested this because you do take an hour boat ride over there.


Once we go to the island, three workers came and took our bags up to the bridal suite - which was a nice surprise because we thought we had to take them up and its a bit of a hike. We were the last ones to get off the boat, which was totally fine. Rafael escorted us up to the suite, and showed up where we could find water, how to work the hot tub, where robes were, where the steamer was, and introduced us to our server that would be taking care of us the whole day. A snack lunch of tacos was already served behind the suite and there was a bottle of champagne and huge fruit plate waiting for us. In seriousness, Rafael told me, anything I needed, he was here to take on the stress that day and to tell him and he would take care of it immediately. I never felt so taken care of. (Also, I'm a bit type A - okay a lot, and letting things go can be challenging, and I totally just let the day happen!)


The girls and I first just walked around the island, and enjoyed the hammocks and flamingos. All drinks are complimentary all day so we had a variety of mojitos and margaritas to enjoy! There is a spa on the island and I booked a 30 minute massage which was fabulous. It was $30. I showed the girls around a little bit of where things were happening and we just had a blast playing around. I had my massage at noon and lunch was served at one. We basically started getting ready at noon. The reason for this, was the photographer was to arrive between 3:30-4 and she said if we were ready we could take a bunch of pictures on the island before the ceremony! Pictures of me and my girls on a private island - yes please!! We had a fabulous lunch and we all started getting ready. Our server brought us drinks as we needed them, anything from water, soda, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. I honestly, had a glass of champagne. I did not want to feel like crap before the wedding. But if you can handle your liquor you can order shots or whatever you like!


Because we went over as part of the tour, their were other guests on the island during the day. This will always happen unless you book on a Sunday because the tour does not run. The guests left around 2:30, so there wasn't anyone but staff around after that.


Our wonderful photographer, Christnell, showed up right around 4 o'clock which was perfect because thats almost exactly when I was ready. She took some fake shots of us getting ready. **Note: the bridal suite had to be cleaned and packed up before this for the photos which was kind of a mess - 8 girls with make up everywhere - there was a lot of is this yours? is this mine? It was pretty hilarious. But she took us out and took a whole bunch of photos throughout the island and jungle and we had so much fun!


A separate party catamaran brings all the guests and groomsmen over to the island, and they leave around 4:45 and arrive around 5:45 and their boat is a booze cruise. Keven was the cruise director on our boat and I heard he was fantastic! And I personally saw him being so sweet to my 78 year old grandmother. There is a lot of steps to take to get to the wedding area, and he escorted her. It was so kind. 


There is a separate little area where the guys can change and get ready. Most of the groomsmen wore regular clothes on the boat and changed in their little area on the island. I believe they also took a bunch of pictures too because Christnell had an assistant photographer, and my husband said he felt like they took so many pictures before the wedding. 


All the sudden it was time to start lining up for the procession and I was so excited! and nervous! I couldn't believe our time was already here!


We had a beautiful ceremony (it was very hot in April) and we included the parrot service to deliver the rings which was a huge hit with our guests!


After the ceremony we took incredible photos out on the rocks which involved some climbing but totally worth it! Appetizers and drinks were served and there was not one time in the night that I wasn't being served! The service was phenomenal and the staff absolutely incredible!


We had incredible dinner and did speeches and then danced the night away! We also paid for the fire dancers which was worth every single penny! They come out and do a performance and it is incredible! You cannot do this wedding and not have the fire dancers!


We paid for an extra hour for all our guests and I am so glad that we did. We left the island at 11:30 and got back at 12:30. By the time I went to bed I had been up almost 24 hours and was still ready to go! The energy on the island and at the wedding was amazing!


Overall we had a phenomenal time at this wedding, and tipped the staff like crazy! They earned every penny and more. Almost every single one of my guests told me it was the best wedding they have ever been to and some of them are joking that if we all chip in, could we have another wedding there next year! 


I cannot say enough about this wedding location. The service Dennise and Rafael and the staff provide is next to none. The location is stunning, the process was easy and fun. I never felt stressed out planning this wedding - not once! If you are looking for a phenomenal beach wedding day - this is for you!


I hope you found my review helpful in answering any of your questions you wondered about. A lot of the stuff I wrote, I didn't know til a few days before or during - like the bridal suite for the day, or the impeccable service. But don't forget to take it all in because it does go by in a flash! I think of  my wedding every single day and I have a little bit of the wedding blues just wanting to go back because of how amazing it was. I hope everyone feels the way about their wedding as we do about ours!


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