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Claudia Rodriguez is FANTASTIC, photos - STUNNING
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ClaudiaPhoto Wedding Photography

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By RudyYonkov, · 606 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: great photographer, prompt communication, easy to work with, professionalism, teamwork
Cons: none

My wife and I researched and contacted multiple photographers. However after reading reviews and looking at Claudia's work we decided to go with Claudia and her team and can't be any happier. So easy to work with, so professional and the end result - stunning pictures! 


First of all, great communication start to end. We asked Claudia about the time of the ceremony and she suggested a time frame that would be the ideal for light for our location at Playa. Despite our smaller wedding party, she arrived not alone, but with an assistant and tons of equipment. We felt we are in good hands right then. Throughout the ceremony she and her assistant worked in tandem for light, switching cameras and all needed as if they knew the place, while in fact that was the first time they were at that temple. We did some pictures around a cenote where Claudia managed to make the best out of it despite the very little light. Then we went to the beach where Claudia led us from scene to scene like in a theater play. It was so much fun, I can't believe the amazing colors.


The delivery of the pictures was within the promised delivery time frame and pictures are absolutely gorgeous. 


So my advise - go with Claudia and you won't regret it. Don't even hesitate.


Rudy & Alexandra Yonkov





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