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Absolutely the Best!!!!
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Dean Sanderson Photography

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Pros: Professional, Excellent, Accommodating, AWESOME
Cons: NONE

We took a very intimate group of family and friends to our beautiful wedding in Playa del Carmen, June 26, 2015.  Dean made our special day everything that we had talked about previous to our day.  Dean took pictures of me with my daughter and my 2 bonus daughters prior to the service. I had requested, very last minute, that I needed my sons in pre-wedding pictures too.  He made it happen.  He took beautiful ceremonial pictures, all while not being noticed by the guests.  The photos he captured during the ceremony are priceless, my husband's face as I'm walking out with my father; my daughter looking at us as we exchange our vows; my bonus daughter looking towards me as I walk out with a smile on her face.   After the ceremony, Dean had orchestrated all the guests for individual pictures with us, exactly as I had requested.  The main request I had was our family pictures.  Having 5 children between us, it's very difficult to get us all together for photos.  Dean captured beautiful shots, whether we were walking down the beach all laughing, or standing together as a family, you can see the love between us all.  


We also had Dean shoot our Trash The Dress!!!  These photos are absolutely STUNNING!!!  To have a private cenote for your photoshoot and have him capture the pictures he did is magical.  He knew exactly when to shoot the jungle photos and when it was time to leave for the cenote so the lighting was entering at the right time.  As I share my beautiful, elegant photos, people often question how was it done, are you really in the water.  They are so unique and absolutely beautiful.  


Most people typically will frame their "wedding" picture for their home.  We will have all our wedding pictures printed, but our large portrait will be our Trash The Dress picture.  Dean is an amazing photographer.  He comes to the wedding appropriately dressed, he's professional and listens to the bride and groom on what they are looking for.  I highly recommend Dean for your wedding pictures, and take advantage of his Trash The Dress photoshoot.  It will be worth it for years to come.


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