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Exceeded our expectations
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By graypatt, · 383 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: beautiful pictures, professional, friendly
Cons: none

Exceeded our expectations, they were proactive from the moment we expressed interest in using their services, to when we signed a contract, and the weeks leading up to the wedding.

We always felt comfortable knowing they would follow through on commitments and they never missed an opportunity to keep us informed.

The pictures were beautiful and the team did so much to capture every treasured moment. We worked so hard to create a beautiful wedding, I was so thrilled that the memories were captured so vividly with the pictures.

They did an outstanding job. Make sure to fill out the questionnaire they send you in advance so you don't miss any special shots you would like them to take...I would have like a pic of just my parents together and I didn't ask for that so we missed the moment.

Overall, great experience, best of luck to you!


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