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Riveria Maya Corridor
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Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun All Inclusive

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By taralk, · 795 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Cecilia, entertainment staff, food, pools, all of the wedding day, spa
Cons: beach(kinda), not technically free sailing/snorkeling

I am happy to be able to write a review for Silversands.  This resort is hard to find much information on, which is too bad, it was a wonderful experience.  Hope I can help any future brides at Secrets Silversands! :)

We got married April 2015 at 6:00PM.  We had 12 people in our wedding, 6 on each side, and had a total of 55 guest. We had a symbolic ceremony chosing the white gazebo in the center of the resort for our ceremony location, the veranda bar for cocktail hour and sugar reef for reception.  We were limited due to our size for some of locations available, but they all worked out great.
My wedding coordinator was Cecilia. She is awesome!  I had faith all would work out, so I tried not to email her often and let things work out.  It did!  She may take a day or so to get back but she always did and answered my questions.  Really there isn't much to plan with the resort until you get close to the date.  I had picked out the day and location and all the details came later.  She sends an attachment that has all the options for your big day(menu, locations for reception/cocktail hour, etc) and then a month or two before the wedding she sends you all the flower information.  Our wedding was on a Friday and we got there that Tuesday before.  We met with her that day and did all the finalization.  Many of which was all the information she had already sent me.  I did switch a few things, but only because we could talk through them and it made more sense once I could see the resort and talk to her.  My best advice is to stay calm and let things work out, some things may not be perfect but that is ok.  She also kept our wedding party inline and made sure everything was taken care so i didn't have to worry about anything(very much appreciated)
Hair/Make-up-  My bridesmaids and i all had our hair done at the resorts spa.  That was my gift to the girls.  They all looked really nice.  Some of the girls brought pictures in and they did a good job getting similar to what was wanted.  No complaints at all.  I also had my make-up done.  My hair/make-up was included in the wedding package.  Turned out perfect!  Lina did both my hair and make-up and she did wonderful!  I asked her to keep my make-up light and natural.  That is how I wear mine and I didnt want to change any for my wedding.  I cannot give her enough credit for how well she did, along with the other ladies who did the girls hair.  They do speak little English, but one of my girls is fluent in Spanish, but really it wouldn't have made a difference.
Photographer- The wedding package does include a photographer/videographer(well mine did) but from other reviews i was nervous to keep the resort photographer, so we hired an outside one.  There is a outside vendor fee, i believe $150.00 but we were willing to pay it.  We used the photographer in the wedding package to take pictures of all of our guest at cocktail hour.  We are happy with the results and they did a good job.  
We hired Octavio Montes to take pictures.  Again, we are very happy with the final pictures.  He came for a 4 hour period.  Starting at 4:00 taking pictures of the girls getting ready.  He did have a second photographer, and they both worked together.  My original thoughts were to have one photographer with the guys and one with the girls, that is not how it turned out.  Im not sure it would have been worth it to have one with the guys since they were ready so quick.  We probably spent a little too much time getting ready and pictures(due to bridesmaids taking longer than i planned) so i had to postpone some pictures until after the ceremony.  After our getting ready we went to a grassy area for first look then off to the beach for bridal party pictures.  I also wanted to do family ones in there but we ran out of time and we were actually slightly late for the ceremony.  Ceremony then from 6-630 with cocktail hour starting at 630.  We did some quick family pictures right after the ceremony and then back to the beach for bride/groom pictures while everyone else was at cocktail hour.  Our reason for this was because cocktail hour is required and any guest after 20 we had to pay per person. We didnt think it was worth it to pull our wedding party/families for pictures when we were paying so much for them to have apps/drinks.  He then took a few of us walking up to the reception and it was 8:00 and their time was up.  
Even with the pictures not working as I planned we still had plenty and i am very pleased.  With our package Octavio and his assistant took 700 good pictures(little editing but no closed eyes etc) and then we chose 110 for him to edit and send back.  I would recommend him as a photographer and he is much more affordable than others i saw.  
Cocktail hour-Veranda Bar.  So as i said i used the resort photographer to take pictures of our guest while we were doing bride/groom pics.  Everyone said they enjoyed themselves and its great to have pictures of everyone who came for us.  
Reception-Sugar Reef. 8-1030pm. This wasn't my original plan for the reception but our group was larger so this was the only other choice besides the beach.  I loved the location!  We had our own private bar and there were very few people around us.  The food and service was AMAZING!  We chose to have only the sounds system with my Ipod playing music.  I mixed up the music for the various ages of our guest.  Great way to save some money but still worked out great.  I do think if you have a smaller group some of the other options for location would work better.  We lots of people dancing and kept ourselves entertained well.
After the reception we went to the Veranda bar for the live music until 1130 and from there to Desires inside with a DJ(kinda like a dance club).
What a GREAT day!
Food- us and our guest loved all of it.  So many choices each night.  No reservations except for the Hibachi to sit and watch them cook, and definitely do it.  We stayed 10 nights, made it into a honeymoon, so we were able to try all the restaurants. I really have no complaints for any of them.  They have such great service and many food options.  
Entertainment-Wonderful!  the entertainment staff was great.  we got to know them well.  they were out early keeping the pools going and staying late at the theater for the nightly entertainment.  try as many activities as you can, you wont regret it.  we did most of them :).  bike tours, yoga, pool games etc.  and most of the nightly entertainment at the theater is worth watching.
rooms-I really spent little time in our room.  We had an ocean view and it was wonderful but if i wasn't getting married i don't think i would have paid the extra for it.  Our guest had various room levels and none of them had any complaints. 24 hour room service, jacuzzi, great shower, cable, mini fridge stocked daily.
Spa-loved!  We had couples massage included in our wedding package and then one of our last days we went back for another.  Why Not?!  they do have hot tub, sauna etc all available without reservation.  go enjoy it!
Beach-not the best beach but still nice.  they work on it daily to keep the seaweed controlled, but of course its still there.  there are large sand bags that are a bit of an eye sore and its rocky.  i really didn't spend as much time as I should have at the beach but some of our guest did and its enjoyable even with these little nuisances.
One note- they do say snorkeling is included, yes, but only close to the resort, if you want to go to the reef you have to pay.  along with sailing, if you are certified to sail its free otherwise you pay.  I wasn't too happy with the advertising of it being free.

Hopefully I covered most areas.  Feel free to message me with questions.

Overall I wouldn't change a thing!  I loved the resort, Cecilia did an amazing job, Octavio's pictures are beautiful, food was great, staff was great and everyone had fun and many want to go back to Secrets Silversands, and I think many will  :)


hopefully this link works for some of our picures- all Credit to Octavio Montes









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