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Incredible Day so Perfectly Captured!
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Bohemia Photography

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By okiebride, · 372 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, kind, great communication, wonderful with suggestions, truly unique!

I’m not quite sure how to start off this review other than to say Misti and Colin are truly AMAZING!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about them.  My sister-in-law helped me find them and they were truly a godsend!  My husband and I were having some difficulty in finding vendors for various things and Misti was so helpful with suggestions for everything.  We had a last minute issue with our wedding coordinator for the church and a friend of there’s in the industry stepped in to help us out at the last minute!  I can’t express what a relief this was! 


Misti was wonderful with communication.  Her e-mails were prompt and she was helpful with suggestions.  She was wonderful about relieving my nerves, especially since we had never been to the location we were getting married in.  She offered to meet up with us the day before to meet and go over logistics.  Our rehearsal we were supposed to have didn’t work out like it was supposed to (miss communication with the church).  So on the fly Misti and Colin took us to an alternative place with a big open space so we could practice walking down the mock aisle!  This made for a much cooler rehearsal!


We had the most wonderful wedding, truly the best day of our lives and Misti and Colin helped document it so perfectly.  I cried when we saw our photos and wedding video.  They were absolutely gorgeous!!!  If there were one thing that’s a must for anyone getting married in addition to your photos, I would say it’s a wedding video!  The video was perfect and such an incredible way to show our beautiful day!  It was nice to show family and friends who couldn’t be there what it was like via the video!


Misti and Colin were so instrumental to our wedding day and even after they have been so great to work with.  They are professional, kind, and so unique.  I’ll say it one last time; they were a godsend to my husband and I.  It only takes a trip around our home to see the beauty in there work!  We loved/love Bohemia Photography and would recommend them to anyone looking for someone so special on their wedding day! 


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