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Cozumel, sunset wedding
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Bohemia Photography

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By mirandamb05, · 385 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Excellent scenery and candid photography (beach and sunset location). Price.
Cons: Not too much direction during portrait shots.

We used Bohemia Photography for our Cozumel wedding in February 2014.  They were great!  I had only been able to discuss my expectations via email and because we were on a cruise ship, we had limited time available with them prior to and after our wedding.  Everything went extremely smooth.  They were very professional and we were AMAZED at their ability to capture our day.  Looking through pictures makes me feel as though I'm back in the moment every time.  I would say their strengths are scenery and candids.  With the backdrop of beautiful Cozumel and the hotel/decor, our pictures are stunning (really could be used for marketing).  Their weaknesses was posed shots.  Some of the still shots of myself and my husband are somewhat awkward and I wish they had given us more direction for body positioning, gaze, etc.  (Another strength was their cost - totally affordable and well worth everything we paid and then some).  Good luck!


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