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Bohemia Photography

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By CatsJackson, · 445 Views · 0 Comments

I just received our wedding photos back this morning. Holy… I am blown away right now. After I shed a few tears of joy, I emailed Misti at Bohemia and asked if there was somewhere I could write a review for them.

First off, my husband and I did a lot of looking around for photographers in Playa del Carmen. When I found Bohemia, they met all of my needs. They gave a great number of photos in a price range I was looking to spend, not to mention I liked their style. I spoke with Misti over the phone to gather additional details and her warmth and friendliness really won me over. After booking, I was surprised to see a few weeks later that they had sent my fiancé and I gourmet chocolates in the mail! What a pleasant surprise! As our day neared, Misti worked with me to understand what we wanted and how are day would go. When the day arrived, I was greeted with warm hugs from Misti and Collin and instantly felt relaxed. They reminded me, the photos were for us, not them - which really still stands out to me. It's been about 3 weeks since our wonderful day in Mexico and today I received our photos. Like I said, I'm blown away. They managed to capture every moment big, small, candid, emotional and posed- perfectly. I really look as beautiful as I felt. Thank you so much Misti and Colin <3


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