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A Rainy Hinjew Wedding in Jungle
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By js6594, · 451 Views · 0 Comments

There was no question about choosing FineArt Studio to photograph our wedding. The skill and artistry of all of the photographers heavily exceeds all of their competitors in the region.  Lisa, the studio manager, immediately eased my fears about long distance communication and proactively contacted me throughout the planning process. The photographers captured the emotional highlights of our event beautifully, and the resulting portfolio is nothing short of breathtaking. The only criticism I have regards the photos that weren't taken. At one point, the bridal party was waiting for transportation to the venue (our arranged transport didn't show!), and I had to ask my friends to find the photographers to avoid wasting time. Similarly, our couples photoshoot was shortened, likely due to the weather. Unfortunately, this resulted in few pictures of solely my husband and me and no pictures of our wedding party. I would absolutely recommend FineArt Studio to any couple looking for quality photographs, but I advise prospective customers to be overly vocal about their expectations!


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