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Best photographer ever!
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Ivan Luckie

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By DianaColmenares, · 369 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: His pictures are a work of art
Cons: none

Ivan is AMAZING! When we start to plan our wedding we had no doubt in our mind that Ivan was going to be our photographer. He is enthusiastic, creative, fun, and so passionate about what he does! We meet on a party and our family and friends love to party and have a good time, so we needed to make sure that our photographer understood that and had that same vibe and could express all the essence of the wedding in the photos and when we saw his work we knew that Ivan was that photographer. He is a blast to work with! The wedding day is a day where you feel out of your comfort zone: you feel so many emotions, nerves, happiness and Ivan not only help us during the photo-shoot making ​​us fell super comfortable forgetting he was there, he also helped us make our day the amazing day it was. Today we see our photos and we can remember all the emotions of our wedding day, thanks to him we will have memories to cherish forever! 


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