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Absolutely Beautiful Hair and Makeup
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The Best Moments Wedding and Beauty Company

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By SohieMatt2014, · 647 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: service,we all looked our very best, group discount
Cons: nothing

The Best Moments beauty is highly recommended to everyone by our bridal group of very picky New Yorkers. Everyhing was just superb and we worked twice with them. Frist they came for the welcome party on Thursday night  and did Hair and Makeup for myself , my mom, my 2 sisters and in a seperate room there was another team working on my close friends. We just showed them some pictures and the stylists ( there were 3 just for us) made us looks beautiful in no time. On Sunday they arrived at 9 am and myself and my bridesmaids -12 in total-  had so much fun with the stylists, we had lound music playing, ordered food and they were working on our Hair and Makeups.It was the perfect experience for me and I could not have been more relaxed. For sure those guys helped me to keep calm and there was no reason to be nervous: My Hair and Makeup was way better from what I had immagined. Really!

Thank you so much for making my wedding day so much better and make everyone so beautiful. Mazel Tov The Best Moments!



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