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This is a really great option over all options out there
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Ivan Luckie

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By Jamy, · 482 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Passioned, honest and more important with a unique eye
Cons: nothing

I got a really nice deal good Price super quality and talent in it, especially compared to other photographers in the area. We brides usually pick the photographer looking at the portafolio, so it could be kind of luck of the draw for personality of the photographer you have. Luckily Ivan was amazing and his personality totally matched our needs, his wedding visión, his style. We saw our pictures in an fancy online gallery, very well made. We order also my album and I fall in love with it, more beautiful I have ever seen and quality is outstanding, I did some album previously here in the States to share with my family, they costs 60% or more that Ivan’s album, they seem to be the same but I looked into details and I saw a huge difference beside the other albums start to kind of washed out of color and image.


I can’t thank Ivan enough for his work, passion, honestly during all the process.


Thank you Ivan! Jamy and Andre


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