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Elvis Aceff Photography

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By JoanneP, · 725 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional modern photography
One thing I didn't know about weddings is that you end up spending a great deal of time with your photographer, almost more than with your friends an family, but in this case our photographer became a friend, guest and joyful part of our wedding party and it was great fun to work with Elvis.

The second thing about weddings is that you spend a lot of time planning and looking forward to this big day, but finally everything happens in such a great rush, so it is a true joy to receive a couple of weeks later your package of wedding pictures and to be able to live again through all these emotions one by one captured in pictures which you will have throughout your marriage to remind you of this one special day.

We are truly pleased with our pictures, everything looks like a dream and we couldn't have picked a better photographer :)


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