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Unresponsive and Rude
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Blue Petal Destination Weddings

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By BFin, · 504 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: None.
Cons: Responsiveness, professionalism, service, DOING THEIR JOB

Quick Summary: Book yourself through a self-serve website. You'll receive better service and get your documents when they are supposed to arrive.


I'd like to echo the sentiments of the review before mine. The company is unresponsive and RUDE when you call them out on the fact that they aren't living up to the expectations and timelines they have set for you. We dealt with Sheema (TA) for our trip and never received confirmation of payment, booking, or our documents. The only conversations we ever had were initiated by me and at one point the president of the company (Pam) called and told me why I didn't deserve the service you would expect from a 'full service travel company' (I'll save the jokes on that). Her paraphrased words were actually 'Your concerns aren't more important than the remainder of the guests'...I'd like to point out that I haven't ever met the vast majority of the other guests. 


Book through Expedia (www.expedia.ca) and thank me later. 


This is one of the worst companies in North America.


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