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The most beautiful day of my life !!!
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Gonzalo Nunez Photography

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By ManonMorin, · 582 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything !!!
Cons: Nothing !!!!

The most beautiful day of my life ! Thank you so much Gonzalo you have been able to capture all these beautiful moments and all these emotions ! You did a wonderful job ! You have been of an angelic patience and you have saved us on the knots tie ;). Your new friends Manon and Francesco xox


Muchas gracias Gonzalo poder capaz de capturar todos esos momentos hermosos y todas estas emociones ! Has hecho un trabajo maravilloso! Usted ha sido una paciencia angelica y usted nos ha salvado con los nudos de corbata ;-) Sus nuevos amigos Manon y Francesco xox


i hope my traduction in English and spanish is good !!!


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