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Dean Sanderson Photography

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By malibu, · 501 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Great quality, fun & energetic, easy to work with, get your photos quick

Wedding Day & Overall Experience:


Dean was absolutely awesome to work with and is an amazing photographer! Dean and Anna were great to work with right from the beginning – they were quick to respond to emails, flexible with the packages (will build one so you are getting exactly what you want), and are just super friendly.


In our search for a wedding photographer in Mexico, we came across Dean’s work and I fell in love immediately. I thought for sure we’d have to pay a fortune to do the full wedding day and the TTD session, but the prices were VERY reasonable. The investment is definitely worth it!! Wedding pictures were very important to me, especially with having destination wedding and knowing that some people would not be able to make it who you wish could be there – your photos will be something you want to share when you get back.


Dean was awesome to work with on the wedding day!! I knew he was super talented by the previous work I had seen of his, so I just let him do his thing and did not even worry about it. He’s very easy-going, fun to work with and made us feel comfortable the entire time. Dean was able to capture everything and you can feel the emotions through the photographs.  Every time we look at them it’s like we’re reliving the day, and that’s exactly what we wanted!


We got our photos within a couple of weeks, which is great because I know so many people who have had to wait months and MONTHS! The quick turnaround is very convenient if you plan on using them for thank you cards, etc. I also loved that we got all the photos in high resolution and didn’t have to sit down and go through them to pick the ones we wanted to keep – they’re all yours, forever, and you can do whatever you want with them (make prints, thank you cards, photobooks, etc.).


We’ve received nothing but positive comments and feedback by guests at the wedding and those who have viewed the photos. I would absolutely recommend Dean to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Mexico!!


TTD/Underwater Shoot:


Anyone who is considering the underwater shoot, all I can say is DO IT!


This was an amazing experience and we are so glad we decided to do it. Dean picked us up from our resort and took us to a cenote. The place was beautiful and it was so nice to get away from the resort to be there. It was truly a unique experience! Dean made the shoot fun and was great at communicating and making us feel comfortable in the water. He showed us photos throughout the shoot to reassure us that yes, we do look good underwater. And... the dress did survive! It’s freshwater so really no harm can be done. Between the sand and the disco on the wedding night, my dress came out much cleaner than it was before.










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