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Perfect Day!
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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana All Inclusive

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By kayb0123, · 1,367 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Resort beautiful, W.C Dayra was fantastic, Food, deco service fantastic
Cons: Distance to walk

It has been one month since our wedding at Majestic Colonial.

All we have to say is that it was WONDERFUL!! Everything was BEAUTIFUL! Dayra is the BEST wedding coordinator so detail oriented and NAILED it!! Everything was perfect! 

During our initial meeting in the lobby there was apparently an unhappy couple that decided to interrupt our meeting to inform us they (Majestic) cannot pay CD's for the ceremony and it took them hours to finally get their music to play. Well, that is because they did not purchase the DJ that has a computer and the files they brought on the CD did not play in their basic sound system.  So be careful, you get what you pay for.... cheap is not always the best, when planning keep in mind that yes its more reasonably priced there but how much would you pay at home?? Even the most expensive at Majestic is still WAYYY cheaper then doing it at home.

We had 18 guest and still had a private dinner and reception with a DJ at the Wet Bar. It was awesome!!! You could pick any music you wanted, he had a lap top so if it wasn't in his collection he downloaded on the spot to play it for you. Needless to say we had zero issues with music.

The service was wonderful they pay 110% attention to you and your guests and make sure you are completely satisfied. The food was very good a large variety. I didn't eat too much I just wanted to party!!! Everyone complimented the food, so there is another plus.

We used the resort photo and video personnel they are extremely professional and the pictures and video are beautiful! The video was unbelievable, they are truly talented and it shows. We have received so many compliments on the video and pictures. I can send you a pic or two if you would like so you can see the quality.

We hired Pastor York- Another great choice, he was fantastic!

The cake... OH MY GOODNESS delicious! We had vanilla with strawberry filling, ohhh the cake was so moist and was so good not overly sweet, just right. We were so upset we didn't take any back to our room!

Now as you can see our day was perfect, everything went perfectly and I would not change a thing the journey was amazing. However... there are ALWAYS bumps in the road and how you handle them all depends on your personality.  I had my hair done at the salon, did I like it yes, did I love it no, did I care when I was walking down the isle NO. Its hot there so don't expect to look like you just stepped out of a salon its hot! The walking to the beach from the wedding gazebo..far! Did I hate the walking YES, did it ruin my day NO. Actually it was nice to walk all around and get a ton of compliments :)

There is a few hour difference between the wedding ceremony and your reception, I thought on my god what is everyone going to do... ya know what why the heck did I worry myself over that! We are in a beautiful resort with multiple bars DON'T worry about that... they will make do. All that worrying I did was a waste of my energy.

I cannot say enough positive things about this resort, the personnel and our experience.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful!! Lush, green and very well maintained.

The pool you don't ever have to worry about not getting chairs, the pool is extremely large and plenty of chairs.

My husband and I are so pleased and all of our guest had a great time and great experience. They all said they would go back to Majestic. OH can't forget about our 5 year old daughter, she had a blast! We never used the children facility area, we stayed in the big pool all week and she had a great time.


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