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Turks & Caicos Islands Weddings
Avoid at all costs!!!
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Gansevoort Turks And Caicos

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By csuzuka, · 844 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: Location
Cons: Food, Staff, Communication

Quick recap on why you do NOT want to get married here:
1. The hotel cannot seem to keep their staff as we had 5 different planners over the course of our planning

2. Local management will talk down to you and does not care at all when their staff mistreats you

3. Staff will call you names and talk trash about you even though you are spending your hard earned money

4. Management thinks that theft is OKAY and will do nothing to remedy the situation in a timely manner


  • In early January 2012, we set up several meetings in TCI so we could choose a location for our wedding. The Gansevoort completely messed this up because after spending precious time at their hotel thinking they had our date available (which they were well aware of) they tell us the day after we get back to NYC that the date was already taken weeks ago.
  • Our first planner was completely unorganized, not attentive to details(see above) and took weeks to get a simple contract together (which failed to include items that we had agreed upon in earlier discussions)
  • After many serious errors we start to talk to another planner, who ends up leaving 3 weeks after we start working with them
  • The 3rd planner was also Stelles' restaurant manager. She was the worst planner yet, as she took weeks to respond to emails, calls, and 3 weeks+ to send us updated contracts and still managed to leave out items we had already agreed upon.

The icing on the cake was when she sent me an email. Unfortunately the email was not meant for me. It was about me and was supposed to be sent to an outside planner (soon to be WP#5). The ********* is my last name.


Hi  Teresa;


Attached is the ******** monster’s wedding contract…. How can we make this work???  I also need to find a Pastor… :S


Call me when you get a chance. Thanks!


Jessica Sloan

Restaurant Manager






So if you want to deal with the normal stress of a wedding and then have to deal with incompetent staff that will call you a monster after putting up with their poor communication skills then this is the place for you!


Only AFTER I went to the HEAD of the organization did anything get done to right the many wrongs that we had gone through.


Unfortunately, the F&B Manager was completely obnoxious during this whole process, acted like he was doing us a favor hiring an outside planner and paying for her services (you had hired her because you lacked a wedding planner at your hotel after 4 of them left in <1 year).


At the end, our wedding was never meant to be at the Gansevoort because Hurricane Sandy stopped all of the flights going out of NYC the week we were supposed to be there. We just went back to TCI in April to visit and went right to the Gansevoort to pick up the suitcase and box we left there which had our gift bags, gift bag items, beach toys for the kids and 4 bottles of alcohol. All of our alcohol was stolen. We called the hotel right away and we were told that they would speak to the F&B Director and would get back to us right away. They never called us back. I was forced to get in touch with the Head F&B director at the Gansevoort to even get the local F&B director to call us back and remedy the situation (where he proceeded to blame us for the missing liquor and offer 0 apologies for all the trouble they put us through)


Keep your sanity and book elsewhere. I am not the only bride that had issues with the hotel!  Happy to share more information/details, just PM me!


Just awful! I'm so sorry that you had to endure this experience. PLEASE tell me that you found another venue and a wonderful wedding celebration after all of this!


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Thank you! I just had to warn any other bride that was looking at this venue. We ended up having our wedding the same weekend in NYC and it was amazing. Intimate with almost everyone that was going to come to Turks with us. Amazingly we pulled it together in 2 days at Park Avenue Autumn <3 Now we have somewhere to go every year for our anniverary that is close to home!


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