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By SamIAm85, · 405 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Creative, friendly, price, quality, talented, fast service
Fine Art Studio turned out to be one of the best wedding decisions we made. 
Choosing a wedding photographer is very stressful and the photographer was one of the most important aspects of our wedding because the photographs will be something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 
After hours online, we chose Diego and Fine Art Studio because we were comfortable with their pricing, the albums on their website were truly beautiful, and we loved their photo journalistic approach.  Lisa was awesome.  Whenever I thought I needed to touch base with Lisa, I’d find an e-mail from her already.  She was always quick to respond and really easy to work with.
Diego and Alvaro started working the second they stepped onto the resort and never really stopped.  Even when we told them to eat I’m not sure they ever did.  Diego and Alvaro really captured the special moments of our wedding and their photographs were stunning.  Just watching them work we knew we would have some really neat shots.  Diego and Alvaro are very talented and very good looking (as my sisters mentioned a few times during the wedding).  We paid for 4 hours of photography.  We said goodbye to Diego and Alvaro and when they saw that we were still doing the garter and bouquet toss after they were done working, they ran back to make sure they caught it on camera.  
We did a few portraits with family and a few group photos.  The only negative thing was you can’t see everyone in our group photos.  Some people are hidden by others and we had no idea until we got the photos back.   
Before the wedding, I e-mailed Lisa with a list of photos we would like.  One piece of advice for future brides and grooms is to designate a friend or family member to make sure you are taking photos off your list.  It is so hectic on your wedding day and you forget about things.  I had a few photos I completely forgot to have them take.  Example:  I made a thank you sign that I wanted to take a picture with on the beach for our thank you cards.  I forgot the sign in our room and didn't even realize it until the morning after the wedding.  
Another piece of advice:  I’d suggest purchasing 5+ hours of photography.  We purchased 4 hours and our photos consisted of: bride getting ready, ceremony, group photos, bride and groom photos, and dinner.  Four hours just is not enough time and it all felt very rushed.  Plus the whole wedding flew by, you blink and it’s all over.  Five hours would have been perfect for us. 
Our photos were available online 11 days after the wedding, what a nice surprise!
We have received so many complements on our pictures.  Everyone thought the photos were so beautiful and they made them feel like they were at our wedding.  It's so nice to be able to share the photos with all our friends and family back home.  

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Samantha & Lane, this is wonderful what you have written! Thank you so so much for trusting and for choosing FineArt Studio Photography! We are very happy to hear that you and all your friends and family enjoyed the pictures, our photographers work and creativity and even look :) As you can see, we are a all-in-one-package :)So happy to read all these wonderful words.Think about a Anniversary session and then bring back your thank-you sign!MUCHAS GRACIAS and take care!The FineArt Studio Photography Team

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