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By HfxJen, · 409 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Talented, hard working, unobtrusive, friendly, creative, captured perfect moments
AFrom the start of our 'wedding planning adventure' FineArt Studio was helpful, supportive and a joy to work with. We started to correspond with Lisa in September 2012 in preparation for our April 2013 wedding in Tulum, Mexico. Lisa was always very quick to answer any questions or reassure me when my nerves got the best of me. She always made me feel at ease with her friendly responses. By the wedding day I felt a connection with Lisa and as soon as I saw her, I had to give her a big hug :) We chose Lucas to be the main photographer for our big day! We loved his work and felt that he should be the one to capture our special day. The talented Lucas was accompanied by an equally talented photographer, Alvaro. Much to my surprise, Lisa was also there!! I couldn't have been happier. The FineArt Studio team jumped in right away and started taking pictures! Almost all of our 50 wedding guests have commented on how incredible the photographers were. That they took pictures of everything and they were so friendly! Their sense of creativity was beautiful and fun! FineArt Studio captured, in photographs, the essence of our special day - the emotions, the nerves, the fun that we had, the support of our family and friends... But most importantly, the love that we have for each other - shown by those little smiles, the quick glances, the tender touches or laughs ... All of the little things that happen naturally between two people who are in love, were captured without us even knowing. We felt that there is nothing more important for our wedding then to have photographs to look back upon. The day is such a blur of excited nerves. I can honestly say that these pictures, taken my Lucas and Alvaro, will be some of our most treasured lifelong possessions. They are gorgeous! By the time FineArt Studio's had to leave our wedding, we were friends - with hugs and many thanks, we saw them on their way. We have talked about Lucas, Alvaro and Lisa many times since our wedding. They were some of the most genuine people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We cannot say thank you enough to FineArt Studio for not only capturing our special day - but for really being a part of it :) It was our pleasure to have them there. We were also lucky enough to do a Trash the Dress cenote session with Fabrizio, Diego and (again) Alvaro! The session was amazing! We felt comfortable and beautiful... The guys went out of their way to capture the most incredible pictures. Amber and I had so much fun trying to swim in our dresses and trying to hold onto each other under water. Many of the photographs from both our Wedding and our TTD session literally took our breath away. Not only do we look beautiful - the backgrounds are gorgeous, the lighting is just right, the angle is perfect. We received our slideshow and web optimized photographs in less than 3 weeks! Amazing! We couldn't be happier with our experience with FineArt Studio - the pre-wedding correspondence, the positive and supportive presence on our wedding day, the amazingly beautiful photographs and the incredible people that we had the pleasure of meeting. I would recommend FineArt Studio in a heartbeat to anyone who asks! - Jen and Amber

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OMG!!! Jen & Amber, we are absolutely speechless by this wonderful feedback! WOW WOW WOW!!!! I can really and only say that we are truly happy, reading your words gives us so much more energy to go on and do our job with love and devotion and fun. Each one of us loved to be part of your wedding and it's been really an honor to see you girls and feel the love between you! big big big hugs all the way to Canada from the whole studio team!!!


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