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Dean Sanderson Photography

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By jana23, · 407 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: friendly, affordable, professional, great photos!

I first found Dean's Photo's though blogging for the resort we were getting married at. When seen his photo's I was in love. The beach weddings & the TTD photo shoots, were gorgeous . We never thought about hiring a photographer at first. But after looking at his website & the beautiful work he does. I knew I wanted to be apart of his unique work. Getting in contact with Dean was easy, and he even responded

back the same day. Which makes it so nice for a bride, who is eager to get things done. I found the pricing very affordable. Keeping in touch with Dean though email made it nice. It made me less nervous when he showed up to our wedding at the Now Jade. He has such a great personally and so fun to work with. The great thing about Dean living in Mexico. He has the experience of doing photos on the beach. So he knows the lighting, brightness, & the area where is acceptable to take photos. Where if you brought your own photographer from your own city, they might not know that.


We also did the TTD. I'm so happy we did. It was such a fun time. Dean & Anna took us to a  beautiful private cenote. They both make you feel very comfortable. And getting into the water was at first I was very nervous, then after it is very clam. It was a great time, with some good laughs.


When we received our photos, I'm pretty sure it was within the week (we stayed a second week after the wedding) I was so excited to have them so fast & couldn't wait to see them. They were beautiful!. Everyone till this day compliments them on how gorgeous they are.

Actually yesterday a lady told me "this work looks like it should be in a gallery".

We are so pleased with everything. My husband now, even said he is so glad that I pushed him in to hiring Dean. He is very happy with the photos too.















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