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Playa del Carmen
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Petit Lafitte Hotel

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By echo73, · 553 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful beach, Not crowded, Relaxing, Great Value, Friendly Manager & Staff, Delicious Food, Large Enough for Big Weddings
Cons: There aren't any really. But you may want to see a better fit if you want super modern, all-inclusive

We still can't stop talking about our time at Petit Lafitte!  We had our wedding "rehearsal" dinner here on May 4, and it was a blast!  Since we only did the wedding rehearsal dinner there, I can't comment on wedding specifics. But I have an idea of the affordability, value, openness to ideas, extremely friendly staff, and our wedding guests' (who stayed at Petit Lafitte) happiness with their stay.

We have been coming to the Mayan Riviera area for several years and had always stayed on the beach near Petit Lafitte. We would even regularly visit the beach in front of Petit Lafitte because it is a nice, calm stretch of sand on Playa Xcalacoco. I think perhaps we overlooked this property at first because of the pirate theme on the website.  We thought it was either heavily catered to kids or people who love pirates? I won't lie; we can be Manhattan snobs ;)

But as we were planning our wedding at a neighboring boutique hotel, we opened up to the idea of having the "spillover" of guests from the small boutique hotel stay at Petit Lafitte.  We also wanted our favorite taco place in Playa del Carmen, Don Sirloin, to cater our rehearsal dinner and our wedding hotel wasn't allowing outside catering so we thought we'd ask about the possibility at Petit Lafitte.

We met with Ivan, the general manager, at Petit Lafitte's bar.  It was such a nice, casual conversation about the history of the place, his family, our lives, and our wedding plans. Ivan was totally open to the idea of Don Sirloin providing food for the dinner. He also got us very excited about additional unique and fun touches for our event.  My husband and I were thrilled that we would be able to enjoy our favorite tacos outside at such a pretty beach.  We did not anticipate how fantastic our beach dinner would be beyond the tacos.

Ivan helped us plan what would be soon described by guests as an "EPIC rehearsal dinner". We had signature mojito and margarita drinks and open bar with the nicest bartenders ever, authentic Mayan dancers introducing the cochinita (slow-roasted pork that was cooked under the sand), Petit Lafitte's AMAZING ceviche, people rocking the karaoke, and my favorite must-have pinata. If you ever want to host a fantastic party on the beach, speak to Ivan. He is so open to ideas and really works to make things happen. Things work differently and at a slower pace in Mexico than in New York, and Ivan is such a laid back guy, that we admit to getting a bit anxious at times. But everything came together beautifully! If you are like us and just need to know where things are at at all times, I just recommend letting Ivan know that's your style. He can certainly accommodate your needs! Highly, highly recommend this place for an event! ALSO, the food is amazing. We have dealt with a lot of hotels in tourist areas trying to create Mexican fusion or complicate a traditional meal. Not here. I looked forward to breakfast every morning, with the fresh fruits and options of delicious entrees. And the lunch items were the basic, go-to, comfort Mexican food that I was craving. The tacos and I will keep mentioning the ceviche! My husband and I (along with many of the wedding guests) would make the short walk down the beach just to hit up the bar and eat the ceviche!!  The cherry on top was that the prices for the food and drinks were reasonable!

In terms of the hotel, we wanted to know first hand what our wedding guests would be experiencing, so we stayed there in December 2011 and again right before our wedding in May. We tried out the Ocean View Premium Room and a Garden Bungalow.  The room was very simple and clean. We loved that there was actually a mini refrigerator to keep any beverages in.  My favorite thing was waking up to the sounds of the ocean and seeing the sun rise in the morning. If I were to stay there again, I would get a bungalow. They are quaint and rustic. You get a cabin-on-the-beach feel. I enjoyed the space in the bungalow....the large porch outside was nice, too. Both the room and the bungalow (I believe every unit in the hotel) had A/C.

But what draws us back to this establishment is not just the easy access to a pristine beach or an on-site dive shop; it is the personalization. We love that the staff knows you by your name. You can go by the bar and see Victor, who will remember that you love the ceviche and micheladas. The workers at the hotel smile and make you feel welcome. During your stay at Petit Lafitte, you will like family. And I know that is how many guests feel. We know because we run into guests who have been coming for several decades. We know because we see the reunions with families and staff who have seen the kids coming to Petit Lafitte...before they were even born! That really impressed us.  And the sentiments of our wedding guests also reflected what we saw. They loved the friendly atmosphere and were enthusiastic about returning to Petit Lafitte for a future trip.

Our family was so happy with the experience at Petit Lafitte that we hope to plan a yearly reunion there.  If you want a place that seems to care about your enjoyment, proves to be a great value with affordable rates, isn't all about nickel and diming you, and has a beautiful and relaxing environment, definitely look past the pirate theme and visit Petit Lafitte.


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