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Riveria Maya Corridor
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Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya All Inclusive

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By Jemma-Leigh, · 601 Views · 0 Comments


Where do I start.... I got Married May 10th 2012 on the beach and had the Palalpa for the reception.


When we arrived we where put in a mini suite in block 24, the building was under maintenance lots of painters and my room looked like it has been slept it, it was no where near ready. But after a little complaining it was cleaned and looked ok. p.s a Mini suite is a regular room with an extra bedroom- which was ok, we needed the space to get ready in. As the wedding got closer i was concerned about the paint and it getting on my dress, so they moved us to an Executive suite! WOW! Canopy bed, table, 2 plasma TV's, PlayStation 3, computer with free Internet, full premium bar and a snack every night.


My meeting with Elizabeth was good, I'm pretty relaxed and wasn't bridezilla. When we where talking about petals for the flower girls, she asked me how big the baskets where...... what baskets, i totally forgot. Also she asked if i wanted a sand ceremony..... what sand. Elizabeth was great she went out of her way to find me sand and jars and even wen looking for flower girl baskets. She gave me recommendations on what looks good and helped me pick music for the ceremony. Couldn't ask for a better wedding co ordinator 


I was trying to be a little sneaky and not disclose i had an outside photographer because i didn't was to pay $300USD penalty or day passes for my photographer..... But i got drunk and they called me while i was napping and i fessed up. that being said i threw a huge tantrum about have to pay for day passes on top of the $300 USD and after 3 days on fighting with the manager he gave into me.


The morning of the wedding was peaceful and once my photographer showed up it was all hands on deck, the boys where suppose to get picked up at 3.30 in the lobby downstairs but they cant follow direction and where waiting upstairs so i got a call from Elizabeth worried where all my guests where, then i was freaking out but thank gosh she found them. I was getting ready to leave and realized i didn't have any flowers, but we are on Mexico so they only arrived 5 mins before the wedding. and they where beautiful!!!! 


The location is private and beautiful no one could see me as we arrived, there was a little breeze but the weather was perfect and the set up was just as i has imagined. There was a table for my favors ( purple sunglasses) a table with the champagne and glasses, another with canapes and then bar style table for guests to sit at. 


There was a shuttle reserved for us all day to drive me and my photographers around. 


As for the resort photographer i let her come and took my 10 free pictures, they where OK but nothing more.


I hired Photos in Cancun and they where amazing, they where on time, professional, friendly! They arrived about an hour early and went to scope out the hotel and look for perfect wedding shots, so armed with their map they found perfect locations, The botanical gardens next to the spa, the beach and the Mayan Ruin on the beach. Lorena did my make up and she was amazing, i felt hot and flustered at times and my face still looked flawless! They put all the images on the disks. They where amazing!!!! I would defiantly rec commend them to anyone!!!


The reception was great! the food was amazing, we had tropical salad, lobster bisk, steak and then wedding cake for desert. We gave a CD to the DJ but he had a good mix of music, everyone was dancing and having a great time, the capitan for the night had us play a game where my husband had to lick a little salt off my and take a shot with no hands and then i did the same. Fun time!!


When we got back to our room it was covered in rose petals, the bathtub was filled with petals and candles around the outside, our bed was turned down and had towel swans and a photo frame with congrats card. Champagne fruit. The next morning we had breakfast arrive it was an amazing experience. 


Feel free to ask me anything or of there are any pictures you want to see. 



546389_10150963170241694_512206693_11801309_573251175_n.jpg 85k .jpg file





546609_10151727128230545_828520544_23862495_631126508_n.jpg 69k .jpg file





544237_10151727132225545_828520544_23862534_1064418594_n.jpg 126k .jpg file





485787_10151727142895545_828520544_23862673_139206250_n.jpg 111k .jpg file





564780_10151727144260545_828520544_23862688_2049828667_n.jpg 78k .jpg file





540664_10151744340540545_828520544_23917066_687774867_n.jpg 135k .jpg file





556934_10151727050075545_828520544_23862209_629903081_n.jpg 76k .jpg file





178993_10151727049965545_828520544_23862208_1419409654_n.jpg 90k .jpg file





547459_10151721412890394_850100393_24141670_311735056_n.jpg 63k .jpg file





546389_10150963170241694_512206693_11801309_573251175_n.jpg 85k .jpg file





579426_10150963169951694_512206693_11801308_354897565_n.jpg 107k .jpg file





555444_10150963160821694_512206693_11801271_999297603_n.jpg 145k .jpg file





306284_10150963153101694_512206693_11801233_1522489410_n.jpg 78k .jpg file





537686_10150963152866694_512206693_11801232_1470012005_n.jpg 93k .jpg file





562115_10150963169176694_512206693_11801304_748939353_n.jpg 103k .jpg file





551136_10151727127810545_828520544_23862492_1641454872_n.jpg 87k .jpg file





581285_10151717415540545_828520544_23819862_1818529799_n.jpg 152k .jpg file


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