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Fantastic work by Lara & Caribbean Celebrations!
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We had a very positive experience working with Lara Estaras at Caribbean Celebrations while planning our May 13th wedding at the Paradisus Palma Real.  Lara was exceptionally professional and always responsive to our questions and concerns. She really helped to make our vision of what we wanted for our wedding to become a reality and we can't thank her enough for her hard work and dedication.

The decorations for the ceremony and reception were gorgeous!  We chose the "Chill Out Chic" package and everything was beautiful, from the draped ivory fabrics to the bamboo with orchids lining the aisle.  The cocktail hour decor was also beautiful, we loved the small lanterns and the brown table cloths Lara suggested were perfect!  We loved the table settings as well and got many compliments on them.  We brought papel picado from home to be hung above the dance floor and they did a wonderful job with that as well.  Overall, we were very pleased with the look of our wedding ceremony and reception and think Caribbean Celebrations did a great job.

Overall we had a very positive experience but there were some snags.  My wedding bouquet was exactly what I had asked for, it was truly beautiful and looked just like the photos I had submitted to Caribbean Celebrations!  One downside is that some of the greenery came loose before the end of the ceremony and it was quite late being delivered to the bridal suite which delayed photos and added unnecessary stress to our wedding day, unfortunately. 

Also, we had chosen square vases for our centerpieces and hours before the wedding, we were told that these were now unavailable due to broken vases from a wedding the night before (they no longer had enough for our 10 tables) and we had to go with round vases.  It wasn't a huge problem but it was a disappointment as we had spent months picking out our centerpieces and they had to be changed hours before the wedding.

The hanging lanterns looked beautiful and were great for extra lighting.  They weren't an insignificant additional cost and at least one of them didn't have a working light.

Although we were very happy with the end result for our wedding, it is worth noting that the selection of items for centerpieces and the overall design is somewhat limited.  We had ideas for things ranging from large lanterns to driftwood to coral and rocks and the options for these were very limited or not available.  Keep in mind that by working with Caribbean Celebrations that works with the Paradisus, that you may be giving up some of the decorating options that would otherwise be available to you. You need to manage your expectations and realize it's not the same as working with a decorator at a large hotel based in the U.S.

The selection of available flowers was also limited and very expensive.  It seems that choices are mainly gerbera dasies, roses, calla lillies or orchids.  I truly loved my bouquet however it was the result of several emails back and forth, trying to find a middle ground between what I wanted and what they were able to provide at a reasonable cost.  One problem we had was that I had planned to wear white orchids in my hair and was told this would be no problem many months before the wedding.  In the last few weeks before the wedding, we were told that the type of orchid to wear in one's hair were not available due to a bad season so I had to change to a lilly at the last minute.  The lilly looked fantastic and I was happy with the end result though again,  it was not ideal or what we had necessarily planned.

All in all, we had a very positive experience working with Lara and Caribbean Celebrations.  They did a great job with our wedding and we sincerely appreciated their hard work and attention to detail overall.


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