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Grand Palladium - Jamaica
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Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa All Inclusive

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By Shaecollins, · 1,212 Views · 0 Comments

I just got back from my wedding and everything was perfect! I just typed up a long post, and for whatever reason there was an error so I have to start over. This one will be much shorter. We originally planned to get married on the beach, but after watching several weddings on the beach in the days leading up to ours - I decided that the Gazebo was a better location for us. It is absolutely beautiful. There's a long, curved, paved walkway leading up to the Gazebo. There was shade for our guests. And there were not any sunbathers watching the ceremony!  Rashel Edwards did an incredible job with my make-up and she brought Sophia for my hair.  I highly recommend both of these ladies!



Here comes the brideHere Comes the bride 2.jpgCeremony




We did get a torrential downpour between our ceremony and reception, but the rain held out for our 4pm ceremony and was gone by our 6pm reception.


Our Reception was held at the Poseidan Restaurant. I cannot even put into words how happy I am that we decided to have our ceremony here. I wanted the Poseidan all along just due to the fact that it's more intimate. My fiance wanted the Blue Lagoon becuase it's so picturesque and very elegant looking. When everything was said and done, even my fiance agreed that the Poseidan was the perfect location for us! The views of the sunset were truly breathtaking. The intimacy was perfect for a wedding reception. Our guests raved and I would not change anything about it! The decorations were brought with us from home. For entertainment, we hired Kevan Stewart as a DJ and paid for the Zurielamaka show (you will not be sorry). Everytime I went over budget, my now husband kept trying to cut the show. I'm sooo glad I stood my ground and kept it. I even changed my wedding package from the Bliss in Bloom to the Waves of Love to keep the show in! As for the DJ - I have no regrets with hiring one.  Our group is more prone to dancing than toasting.  We had a few toasts, but most of the night was spent on the dance floor once the show was done and Kevan knew the songs that would get people going.  We chose the Italian menu (the steak and chicken dishes for our entree choices).  People kept asking where the food was from because they wanted to go to that restaurant for more! 


The only negative is that some of the staff was not pleasant. This was primarily at the front desk. Also, some of the rooms were not ready at check-in and my guests had to wait 3 hours for their rooms after traveling all day to get there. Once settled in, they were happy as the resort upgraded these guests to ocean front rooms.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I would do it all again and would not change a thing. :)






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