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A wedding to pure rock n roll, happiness and originality
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Take It! Photo Studio

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By MilAustralian, · 227 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Original, cheap, excellent settings and planes, very good treatment with the client and amusement
Cons: noni

I came to Mexico with my fiance Nick, and the only thing that we were lacking to have everything ready for the wedding, was the photography.

The same day that we come, they recommended to us to speak with several, and we were lucky to have in the list these two Argentinians, who easily obtained our approval.

They were very fast  understanding our desire and could suggest really brilliant ideas to us.


We amuse ourselves very much and they were very professional. Always mixing the humor, the naturalness and the commitment.


Really I hope that future brides find them and could register forever such an important moment in the life, since it is a wedding, together to Lupe and Agustín.

Thank you very much, Nick & I  are going to be eternally grateful


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